Law firms, businesses, and society as a whole have learned to adapt quickly over the past year and a half —breaking long-standing traditions, habits, and ways of doing business in the process. In a remote-first world, the search for efficiency opened up many opportunities for technology to be embraced in the legal field. Whether it’s conducting depositions via video conference, collecting online payments, or texting clients rather than meeting in person — there’s no doubt that some of these practices will remain in place long after social distancing measures are just a memory.  At PracticePanther, we strive to provide our clients with the best tools available — transforming each law practice into the most efficient legal machine possible. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our native eSignature software for lawyers, which will help expedite the delivery and signing process of legal documents.

What is eSignature?

An electronic signature or eSignature is a legal way to get consent or approval on electronic documents or forms. In the past, sending documents for a signature required either mailing them back and forth or having a client print documents out, sign them and then fax or mail them back to an office. In 2021, these methods are simply outdated, let alone time-consuming and painfully slow. Let’s take a closer look at how PracticePanther’s native eSignature software solution speeds up any law firm’s signing needs. 

Easily send bulk eSignature requests

Oftentimes documents require multiple signatures from stakeholders. Each time a document gets passed along to the next signer, precious time is wasted doing administrative work. With PracticePanther’s eSignature software for lawyers, users can send unlimited documents and recieve to up to 20 people at once for signature. If a specific order is needed for any document, PracticePanther customers can easily configure a signing order that will automatically send to the next stakeholder upon receipt of the previous signing. Receiving 20 signatures now requires just one simple send. 

See a holistic view of documents from sent to signed 

A brand new dashboard has been built within PracticePanther, giving users a complete view of every document they have sent out for signature. This dashboard gets updated automatically, giving you up-to-date information on who has and has not signed your document. Not only can you easily view the status of eSignature requests, but you can also see individual signer statuses if more than one party is required to sign. Everyone involved will be on the same page as notifications are emailed to both parties whenever progress is made. 

Customize the signing experience for your clients 

Just as brand recognition is important for your invoices, it’s equally important for anything your client is signing for you. Customize your documents for signature with your firm’s unique branding by including your logo and even a splash of color in the header of your documents. Your logo and color of choice will also display in email notifications when it’s time for clients to sign documents. 

Always have signed documents on hand 

The use of native eSignature software for lawyers within PracticePanther means you never have to worry about misplacing a file again. PracticePanther users will find all signed documents stored securely right within their account.   

Pro Tip: Collect payments and signatures in one send

If you really want to make life easier for your clients, your admin staff, and yourself —  you can combine PracticePanther’s OneLink tool with eSignature to receive payment and a signature in the same message. All you need to do is insert your custom OneLink into your eSign request and you’ve tackled two problems at the same time!   

Your law firm is only as fast as your slowest process. By eliminating the time it takes to send and receive signatures on your documents, your firm will be increasing the value you bring to your clients. 

Ready to make document signing easier than ever? If you’re not yet a PracticePanther customer, welcome! You can sign up for a demo of PracticePanther below to check out native eSignature and many other time-saving features.

If you’re already a PracticePanther customer on the Business Plan, your firm administrator can enable eSignature easily in your account to access unlimited eSignature documents at no additional cost.

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