Legal Technology: Is Legal Document Software Right for Your Firm?

Each matter that comes to your law firm will bring with it an array of documents, each of which is as time-sensitive as it is instrumental. Usually, the foundation of a matter will be deeply rooted in the information contained in these documents, giving them the potential to make or break your case. The importance of organized, comprehensive document management for your firm’s success cannot be overstated. For this reason, your legal document software must guarantee two things security and sharing capabilities.

How to Ensure Your Legal Document Software Guarantees Security

Simply put, the information entrusted to your firm by its clients cannot be compromised. It is up to your legal document software to handle your documents with the utmost care. Anything short of state-of-the-art is subpar. As you evaluate your legal document software options, look for the following:

256-bit encryption

This is the degree of security encryption utilized by the world’s largest online banks and credit card processors. Legal document software boasting this degree of security have taken special measures to make your account – and all of the information stored within it – as difficult for outsiders to access as possible.

Custom Security Roles

A non-negotiable feature to look for in your legal document software is the ability to create custom security roles. After all, a summer associate probably shouldn’t have the same access to information as a managing partner. Custom security roles allow account administrators to determine exactly which documents are visible to each user on their account.

IP-based Access

If your legal document software is always accessible to anyone who works in your firm, anywhere, and anytime, the information stored within it could be at risk. Take care to look for a solution that allows firm administrators to determine which users can access their accounts from anywhere, and which users must be in-office in order to log in.

Sharing Capabilities

Your legal document software is only as good as the extent to which it allows you to effectively communicate and collaborate with your clients. Communication can be boosted by an array of solutions, so take care to look for the few features that truly go the extra mile.

Secure Client Portal

Virtually nothing will be as integral to effectively sharing documents with your clients as your legal document software’s client portal. Take care to look for solutions that offer a portal that instantly encrypts any data, documents, or information sent to it. This portal should also offer two-factor authentication for all who attempt to log in. Solutions that send both you and your client a text message notification when a document is shared are an excellent plus.

Direct Email Inbox Integration

Chances are, certain documents will require multiple drafts and updates prior to being completely ready. If your client isn’t technologically savvy or is particularly attached to an email as a form of communication, the ability to share these documents via email will be extremely important to your firm’s communication. For organization purposes, it’s crucial that your legal document software not be kept out of the loop of any document updates made via email. For this reason, always look for software that directly integrates with major emailing platforms, like Gmail or Outlook.

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