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Legal Case Management Software for Real Estate Lawyers


Real estate law deals with cases involving clients who may own or use commercial or residential land. There are many laws that revolve around buying and selling land hence, local laws ensure that real estate transactions are being properly recorded. Both state and local governments enforce rules that state what a specific section of land may be used for. Although real estate lawyers don’t need to be present during every transaction, it would be beneficial to the client if they are there to overlook the documentation at hand. For example, there could be a situation where a client might sign a contract to live in a house without reviewing the paperwork and then years later it could appear that there’s another person claiming that the land is in fact theirs. Hence, if there is a real estate lawyer present then they could review the house’s transaction history to prevent things like this and to ensure that everything happening is legitimate. Real estate lawyers can also advise a client on different types of mortgage options, as well as make sure that the contract of sale is fair to everyone involved. Lastly, when it comes to payment, some real estate lawyers may charge a flat fee, but it is more common for them to charge by the hour.

One of the best features of a legal case management software for real estate lawyers such as PracticePanther is the flexibility in regards to handling and managing payments. Instead of spending so many hours on inserting time sheets and other relevant billing information,  legal case management software such as PracticePanther allows lawyers to spend their time more efficiently. Legal case management softwares allows lawyers to save hours each month billing which provides them with the extra time that could be directed towards more paying clients.  Legal case management softwares could be found beneficial to all lawyers but specific features could be more intriguing to a certain type of lawyer, For example, the billing feature that’s offered by the  legal case management software, PracticePanther, could be found incredibly beneficial by real estate lawyers. While using a legal case management software, real estate lawyers will be able to create time entries and adjust their billing options depending on flat rates, contingencies, and other expenses.

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