legal case management software for intellectual property law attorneys

Legal Case Management Software for Intellectual Property Attorneys



What do intellectual property attorneys do?

According to the World Property Intellectual Organization (WIPO) intellectual property consists of inventions, literary and artistic work, symbols, images, names, etc. This type of intellectual property is divided into two categories; industrial property and copyrights. Industrial property deals with inventions, personal trademarks, industrial designs and geographical indications. Whereas copyrights deals with literary and artistic works such as poems, plays, films, paintings, sculptures, producers of phonograms and much more. By implementing a  legal case management software into their routine, lawyers are guaranteed to save an immense amount of time.

When to hire an intellectual property lawyer? 

Usually one goes about hiring an intellectual property lawyer when they are interested in filing an application for a trademark or patent to protect their rights and prohibit others from claiming ownership over their work. For example, if Brian created a technological device and then went about the appropriate steps to secure his ownership over his invention (intellectual property) then Brian rightfully owns certain rights to his patent that no one can try to claim. Any person can surely create a patent and then go about filling applications and dealing with their own proceedings. But only a lawyer who specializes in intellectual property has the necessary knowledge needed to ensure that all of the papers will be filled correctly.



By implementing a  legal case management software into their routine, lawyers are guaranteed to save an immense amount of time. Time that could be spent on other things such as spending more time with their families or time spent on other cases and making more money. Using a legal case management software allows lawyers to work more quickly and more efficiently without all of the wasted time spent of phone calls and misunderstandings. With a legal case management software such as PracticePanther lawyers are able to navigate easily through all of their different cases and allow client access as well. Therefore when they are syncing files and other documentation they could invite their clients to view the paperwork without the hassle of having to meet them during a busy work day. Another great feature that a legal case management software such as PracticePanther has is that the software is visible and compatible with every and any device. Whether you’re an Apple lover or a PC user PracticePanther does not discriminate! You’ll always have access to all of your cases (and so will your clients/coworkers). This legal case management software such as this one allow you to rename, edit, and create passwords for all of your documents and so much more. Both lawyers and clients may also see who previously logged on and made any changes to the account. Dont worry! You could even recover deleted files. Honestly, regardless of what type of lawyer you are or aspire to be, using a legal case management software would be profitable and very helpful for you. Legal case management softwares like PracticePanther offer a 7 day free trial to anyone who signs up-give it a shot, it’s FREE!


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