legal case management software for malpractice attorneys

Legal Case Management Software for Personal Injury Attorneys


Personal injury attorneys are lawyers who provide legal representation to people who have been injured (hence personal “injury” attorney) either physically or psychologically by another person, company, or other entity.  


Formal & Informal Procedures:

While some cases are initiated by the government, formal personal injury cases are initiated by an individual, the plaintiff, who files a civil complaint against another person, corporation, etc. alleging that they were negligent or irresponsible in regards to an accident that caused them some type of harm. This process is called “filing a lawsuit”.

Most disputes that are accident or injury related are usually settled through an informal lawsuit with the people who are directly involved in the case. These people include the plaintiff, defendant, and their attorneys. Usually both parties agree on a negotiation and then compose a written agreement, which resolves the matter without having to take further legal action, such as a lawsuit.

The middle option usually consists of a middle ground resolution called mediation or arbitration.


Legal Case Management Software for Personal Injury Attorneys:

Regardless of the type of law at hand, communication between the client and attorney is key. Therefore a legal case management software would provide the tools to ensure great communication from both sides. For example, a legal case management software such as PracticePanther has great communication features such as; a client portal, instant chat, real-time notifications, and Calendar/email integration. The client portal is a feature in the legal case management software that allows both the client and the attorney to log into this portal to view invoice balances, tasks that are assigned by the attorney, send and receive messages from the attorney as well as view legal documents attached by the attorney. The chat feature in the legal case management software allows and internal chat that allows the attorney to0 talk to their clients as well as a support chat that allows the attorney to talk to their designated PracticePanther representative if needed. Real time notifications are another feature by the PracticePanther legal case management software that allows lawyers and clients to become updated by the other’s actions similarly to how Facebook works. Another really great feature that this legal case management software has is calendar and email integration. This feature allows you to sync your emails to PracticePanther as well as your calendar as shown here. Using a legal case management software will be rewarding to both the attorney and their clients due to all of the excellent features it has to offer.


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