legal case management software for family law attorneys

Legal case management software for family law attorneys


Family law is a type of law that is oriented around all things related to marriage, children, civil unions, child abuse, adoption and surrogacy. Laws on these topics vary from state to state. The majority of family law cases deal with ending a marriage in which an attorney’s role deals with helping their clients file for separation, divorce, child custody, etc. Hiring a skilled family law attorney will provide an advantage in this situation because having an attorney can benefit a client who is vulnerable and might possibly lose out on possessions, property, or anything else that might rightfully be theirs.


4 Things to Look for in Your Family Law Attorney:


  • Experience with your type of case


Make sure that the attorney you work with knows what he’s doing. Don’t be afraid to ask for references or to find out what types of cases your attorney has worked with in the past.


  • Ability to communicate effectively


Any attorney you choose to pursue should have this trait. Period.


  • Sensitivity towards your case


Dealing with family law could be very difficult and at times take you on an emotional rollercoaster, make sure that your attorney is a sensitive human being who understands that.


  • Reasonable fees


Cases like divorce cases sometimes take years and years to settle, make sure your lawyers won’t put you in massive amounts of debt.




Using a legal case management software, lawyers can communicate more effectively with their clients and save a lot of time that could be spent making more money from other cases. A great example of a legal case management software is the PracticePanther software. This legal case management software allows you to integrate other applications such as Quickbooks, PayPal, Dropbox, Gmail, etc. within the PracticePanther software that way you’re never expected to do double work-you could just sync your favorite programs. Another great aspect of this legal case management software is the Client Portal. The Client Portal feature allows lawyers to better communicate with their clients entirely throughout the software. Lawyers will be able to invite their clients to tasks and events as well as send email and SMS reminders. The Client Portal allows lawyers to invite whoever they want to join the portal. The legal case management software allows lawyers to remain as transparent as possible, which allows their clients to feel very involved and confident that their lawyers aren’t hiding anything from them. By using a legal case management software, clients no longer need to fear things such as hidden fees. Lawyers on the other hand can accurately show their clients exactly how much they were billed, as well as the frequency, allowing them to remain completely transparent throughout their professional relationship.

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