Legal billing software for traffic law attorneys

Legal Billing Software for Traffic Law Attorneys


Traffic law attorneys deal with people who violate traffic laws. Traffic tickets break off into two separate categories. One category is a moving violation which consists of violations such as exceeding the speed limit. The other category is a non-moving violation such as a parking citation. When a person gets caught violating traffic laws they usually get penalized by having to pay a hefty fine or receiving points on their license which might land them in traffic school.

Getting a traffic ticket is a pretty common thing. Not that we encourage you to do so, but unfortunately, we’ve all been there. The smart thing to do would be to immediately call a traffic law attorney before just going ahead and paying the ticket because chances are they can help you. By contacting a traffic law attorney before going ahead and just paying the ticket an attorney might be able to help you in ways you could never imagine. As shown below.


7 Things Traffic Law Attorneys Can Do For You:


  • Help you NOT get your driver’s license taken away
  • Represent you in traffic court
  • Help you dodge paying high traffic fines
  • Help you avoid other penalties related to your traffic ticket
  • Dismiss your charges
  • Reduce the charges that your being faced with


Lawyers who implement a legal billing software for traffic law attorneys into their work routine are using their time wisely. A legal billing software can only help a lawyer make better use of their time and allow them to do their work better. For example, the legal case management software, PracticePanther, offers a wonderful feature called the Client Portal. The client portal allows clients to constantly be involved in their case and keep up-to-date with any changes being made to their case without having to burden their lawyers with a million and one questions. Throughout the legal case management software, the client portal allows clients to view their invoices, previous payments, as well as their operating and trust balances. It provides clients with the transparency they’ve always been looking for in their client-attorney relationship. Through the legal case management software lawyers are able to create events and tasks and then invite their clients through the portal, as well as send out emails and SMS messages to them. The legal case management software also allows lawyers to invite anyone they please to the client portal to enable them to collaborate as fast as possible by being able to share all types of files and documents. Lawyers who invest in a legal case management software won’t regret it!   


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