The PracticePanther Law Firm Growth Quiz determines your firm’s current growth profile and positions your practice for success. 

In this blog, we will give insight into one of the four profiles, Holding Pattern. 

Running and growing a successful law firm is about more than being a great lawyer. You need strong skills like marketing and business acumen to create demand and bring a steady influx of new clients — skills that are different from what it takes to be an effective lawyer.

Law firms can struggle with different weaknesses that hinder growth. Some may have the framework to support modern processes, while others may be too reliant on outdated systems to scale effectively.

The key to growing a law firm becomes knowing your firm’s operations, and how you can maximize your strengths while minimizing weaknesses to be successful.

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Summary of the Holding Pattern Profile

The Law Firm Growth Quiz is based on two factors — scalability and market presence. Based on your answers, we can measure the efficiency of the processes used to manage your business and the investment you’ve made in your firm.

Though running and growing a law firm may seem straightforward, many law firms find themselves struggling. 

The Holding Pattern profile (ambitious, traditional, overwhelmed) is a law firm that may be constantly overwhelmed with its current caseload and unable to handle an influx of new clients. Without modern and efficient processes, the bandwidth of staff is often stretched so thin that new clients must be turned away.

For firms in the Holding Pattern profile, it’s imperative to address the bottlenecks in their business operations to provide quality service to both current and new clients.

The key challenge for the Holding Pattern profile is the imbalance between market presence and scalability. These firms often prioritize lead generation tactics over creating sustainable business processes to absorb growth. Even if you bring in new clients, they may leave as soon as they see the lack of modern processes and efficiency.

Grow a Law Firm in the Holding Pattern Profile

To get your firm on the right path, you need to assess your current circumstances and identify the resources available to update and automate your firm’s traditional processes.

Removing roadblocks in your business operations, defining your processes, and focusing on legal technology can help you adjust your law firm marketing strategy to support realistic and sustainable growth.

Define Your Processes with Law Practice Management Software

Law practice management software can help you automate key elements of your firm and define the operating processes that will allow your firm to grow.

A few core items the Holding Pattern profile should prioritize include:

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Analyze the Impact of Your Law Firm Marketing Strategy

In the Holding Pattern profile, you know what marketing tactics drive new business but lack the foundational processes to support growth. 

The key becomes balancing marketing efforts with demand by focusing on modern, automated processes and realistic goals. Your goals should be tied to data and a timeframe, which you can later test to determine performance. This will allow you to make more informed decisions and accurately meet demand.

Having an all-in-one law practice management software can help firms in the Holding Pattern profile easily implement automated processes and manage a strategic plan. PracticePanther offers modern features to track and generate detailed reports on all aspects of your business from lead generation to case status. 

There are also a number of tools like Google Analytics or Google Search Console that can help with search engine optimization or pay-per-click campaigns. However, it’s best to nail down the basics of marketing before diving into more advanced tactics. 

Outlook on the Holding Pattern Profile

While law firms in the Holding Pattern profile have strong marketing strategies, they lack the bandwidth to support the influx of clients that come from it. Foundational processes need to be updated to align with growth, which can be achieved with law practice management software and a deeper analysis of your business operations.

Does the Holding Pattern profile sound like your law firm? Take the complete 5-minute quiz to find out and unlock profile-exclusive insights and resources for growth.

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