The market for remote attorney jobs expanded during the pandemic. Now that law offices across the country have begun to reopen, often requiring in-person operating hours, there are a large number of legal professionals searching for remote jobs, either for a full-time position or as a side hustle. 

Remote vs. In-person Law Firm Work

Working in a remote or hybrid environment offers many benefits, as well as some challenges. Some attorneys may find that they prefer in-person work at their law firm, while others enjoy the flexibility and freedom of working remotely.

In-person jobs at law firms give attorneys the opportunity to really get to know their clients, and they may feel more comfortable working in an office setting. However, the recent changes that have allowed attorneys to work remotely have created an influx of job opportunities. 

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The Benefits of Working as a Remote Lawyer

There are numerous benefits to working remotely as a lawyer. Not only do you gain the ability to work wherever you want, whether you choose to deck out your home office, or find a quiet cafe, you also are able to bill more hours in the same amount of time, since you are cutting out your commute. 

Attorneys working remotely also anecdotally report less stress in their everyday lives, as well as being able to focus better in an environment they have complete control over. Many attorneys who work in person in an office also do some side work remotely to earn extra income. The flexibility of remote jobs means that lawyers can create a schedule that fits into their life and not the other way around. 

Is it Possible to be Successful as a Remote Lawyer?

Is it possible to be successful as a remote lawyer? Absolutely! There are many lawyers and legal professionals thriving in remote working environments. If you want to fulfill multiple roles, working remotely gives you the ability to add variety to your day. Some jobs for remote lawyers include:

  • Remote, full-time attorneys, of almost any type
  • Legal writers and underwriters 
  • Part-time or full-time freelancing positions 
  • Remote, in-house lawyers 

Almost all the jobs available for legal professionals that used to be exclusively in-person can now be found as remote positions. 

How to Find Remote Attorney Jobs

There are a number of websites that specialize in remote attorney jobs, as well as general job posting sites that have a high number of listings for remote work in a wide variety of legal fields. Nearly every specialty and desired number of working hours can be found online. 


Legably connects lawyers with remote jobs and freelance projects that match their specific skills and strengths. As projects are completed successfully, new job opportunities are unlocked, giving people incentive to stick with the platform. 

Hire an Esquire

With integrated billing and time tracking, as well as a 24-hour platform, Hire an Esquire is highly rated among legal professionals. Hire an Esquire offers temporary, permanent, and temporary-to-permanent positions.  

In Cloud Counsel 

In Cloud Counsel has a corporate law focus, and is a good choice for attorneys who have experience with commercial agreements. 

Law Clerk 

A website specifically for freelancing legal professionals, Law Clerk was designed by attorneys and offers flat-fee legal projects. 


LinkedIn is often a great way to explore job opportunities within your established network. You may find that there is remote work available through connections that you have already worked hard to make, with people who know you and your reputation. 


Although not specifically for legal professionals or remote work, Indeed has many job offerings that fit the bill for remote attorney jobs. You can even upload your resume, and let employers reach out to you if they think you would be a good fit.

Get Familiar with Law Practice Management Software

PracticePanther’s law practice management software allows legal professionals to work from anywhere and saves hours every month on tracking hours, invoicing and legal billing, legal document management, and more.

It even has a client portal to send secure and encrypted messages, as well as streamlined legal calendaring and document organization with HIPAA-compliant file management systems. Find out more about PracticePanther, or try a free demo to see how it can optimize your business.

Tips for Landing an Interview for a Remote Attorney Position

Update your LinkedIn profile 

Since remote employers typically want someone who is proficient with computers and software, your LinkedIn profile and other social media will probably be scrutinized even more than a typical job. Make sure your online presence is professional and reflects who you are. 

Proofread your resume and cover letter

Many applications are denied simply because of typographical errors or irrelevant information. Make sure your cover letter and resume are optimized for each job you’re applying for. Simply review the description and find parallels between your legal work experience and the job responsibly.

Follow directions 

If you notice that a job posting has specific instructions, take care to follow them explicitly. Whether it’s filling out an application in full in addition to sending in a resume, or answering questions, ignoring steps before you even get an interview is not a good look. 

Nailing the Interview: How to get the callback

Once you land an interview, small details add up to make the best first impression.

Check your connection 

If you have an online interview via Zoom or another video conferencing platform, ensure that your connection is good. Having high-speed internet is crucial for remote positions, and if your connection is cutting out, it will reflect poorly on your ability to perform necessary tasks.

Look polished

Even though you’re interviewing for a remote position, dress as if you’re going to be headed to the office. Looking professional is just as, if not more important when you’re working remotely. 

Follow up 

If you don’t hear back from a company within a few days, send a quick follow-up email. This does two things; it lets you know if they’ve chosen someone else, and if not, they will remember your interview during the selection process.

Outlook on Remote Jobs for Attorneys

Remote and hybrid working models are here to stay. Many law firms and lawyers realized the benefits of having flexibility in the workplace, like enhanced client communication, work-life balance, and the ability to push work forward from anywhere.

An essential piece to maintaining a remote working environment is to prioritize cloud-based law practice management platforms. PracticePanther keeps law firms’ vital data, financials, and case information in one place. With features like online payments, automated intake forms, legal document management in the cloud, and client portals — law firms can confidently manage their practice from anywhere and hire skilled staff to support them.

Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published in July 2021. Last update: January 2023.

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