If you struggled with work-life balance before working at home, it can be easy to fall into unhealthy patterns that will burn you out and ultimately sacrifice your quality of work. These six tips for the lawyer working from home can help you be your most productive self while making room to nurture your wellbeing.  

Create a Dedicated WorkSpace

A dedicated workspace will set the tone for your productivity and ability to focus throughout the day. It’s best to choose a location in your home that provides ample amount of natural light and a barrier to distractions. Your desk should be clutter free and have enough space for you to work without feeling cramped. 

Implement a Work from Home Morning Routine 

Among all of the uncertainties that may arise during the day, your morning routine is one you should strive to consistently complete. You may already have a routine, or maybe you’re wondering how to find the time. It may require waking up a little earlier than usual but it will make a world of difference on how you approach your day. Your routine can be as simple as relaxing with coffee, walking your dog, or doing a quick workout before diving into your day. Check out this blog for more morning routine tips.

Invest in Software and Essential Tools

Long before the pandemic hit, tech companies have been creating a digital world with software that makes your work day flow seamlessly. In fact, technology built in the cloud, like PracticePanther, means you can access it without being in the office or sacrificing on the security of your company’s data. Lawyers working from home shouldn’t have to stress about accessing their data securely.

Implement Online Payments 

Many law firms are still holding onto outdated payment methods, the main culprit tends to be paper checks. Risk averse firms often aren’t familiar with new programs or they’re hesitant to implement them due to policy regulations. However, there are payment software systems such as PantherPayments, that meet the rigorous legal industry’s regulations, and simplify the payment process for lawyers and clients alike. Not only will implementing an online payments system streamline your payments, but you’ll get paid faster and your clients will appreciate the efficient, secure process. 

If you’re introducing online payments while working from home, be sure to effectively communicate with your clients the change and the benefits of offering this new payment option. The more educated and confident you are, the more likely your clients will feel comfortable making payments online. 

Communicate with Clients

You likely have a variety of clients with varying levels of comfort when it comes to utilizing new technology or software. To limit unnecessary frustration, lawyers working from home should create a communications plan and send it to their clients. The communications plan should answer the following questions:

  • How long will you be working from home?
  • What are the different channels of communication you can be reached at?
  • What are your office hours?
  • How can I make payments?

Creating this plan will show your clients that you are committed to providing quality customer service while working from home and diminish any uncertainties they may have. Additionally, this plan will act as a way for you to set boundaries with your clients and stick to your routine.

Take Breaks

It’s very easy to fall into a cycle while working from home where it seems like there is no way to disconnect. Each day you will have to make a conscious decision to schedule breaks. Whether it’s cooking a quick nutritious meal or walking your dog, taking time for yourself is important and will limit burnout.

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