Choosing the right legal billing software comes down to maintaining three key qualities: compliance, organization, and convenience. The best invoice software maintains…

  1. compliance with the American Bar Association’s Rule 1.15 of Professional Conduct and other ethical practice standards.
  2. organization amidst the complexities of billable hours and time allocation.
  3. convenience of use for attorneys who are constantly in and out of office.

Time and billing software for law firms is one of the most critical pieces of technology for lawyers today — because for law firms, it’s important to have billing software that’s tailored specifically for the practice of law. General accounting software is simply not equipped to handle billable hours, complex time-tracking, or any of the minutiae that comes with trust accounting for attorney work.

On top of that, most accounting software is not mobile-friendly either, making it cumbersome or even impossible to use without a desktop computer. Lawyers need accounting software that is flexible, intuitive, and fitted to their demanding workflow.

Keep reading to learn more about invoicing software and what to look for as you decide on what software is best for your practice.

How Do I Choose an Invoice Software?

How Do I Choose an Invoice Software?

No matter your practice area or business size, there is a lot to consider when shopping for invoice software. Here are just a few factors to think about as you browse available options:

1. Mobile-friendliness is a top priority. 

In a world where over 95% of internet users are browsing through their smartphones, it’s no surprise that invoicing software today is following suit. Mobile invoicing software for an Android or iPhone not only exists, but can be functional on any device or desktop — that is, if the software is high quality (which we’ll discuss more in the following section).

Moreover, a mobile-friendly interface ensures you can manage invoices, check on payments, and communicate with clients on the go. This flexibility boosts productivity and allows for real-time updates, which is crucial for staying on top of finances.

2. Know what you stand to gain from using invoice software.

Having a clear picture of what benefits you will get from accounting software will help you gauge which choice is most beneficial to you. Invoice software can help make your business operations safer, more efficient, and more streamlined — all of which are objectively measurable qualities you can ask about from each provider. 

Also, knowing how much time you currently spend on billing will help you see how much time each solution could save you — since, in most cases, the more time you save, the better off you’ll be.

Look for features like automatic payment reminders and digital payment options, which can significantly reduce the time spent chasing payments. Features that offer detailed reporting and analytics can also give insights into your firm’s financial health, helping you make informed decisions.

3. Determine what your pain points are with invoicing and billing.

Is your firm suffering from too many outstanding invoices? Or do you struggle with accurately tracking time? These kinds of issues are common for businesses, especially ones that deal with billable hours.

Take stock of all the challenges you face with invoicing, and find a software that helps with most of (if not all of) those challenges. Ultimately, invoicing software should make your processes simpler, faster, and more convenient as a law firm.

How Can I Make an Invoice on My Phone?

How Can I Make an Invoice on My Phone?

For law firms especially, having mobile-friendly invoicing software makes the billing process a lot smoother. The best mobile invoicing software can also be used as desktop invoicing software — so whether you’re in or out of the office, your experience is the same.

For example, you can easily make a legal invoice on your phone with the PracticePanther app in a few taps. Start by selecting the new invoice option, choose who it’s for, and fill in the details like services, time, and costs. Adding notes or discounts is straightforward, too. For more detailed steps, check out this PracticePanther invoicing tutorial on our comprehensive support website.

Is There a Free Invoicing System?

While there may be some free invoicing software out there, it’s better to invest in software that’s going to give you exactly what you’re looking for. Free software is, at best, not worth your time and, at worst, a dangerous business decision — especially for industries where ethics are paramount.

You typically get what you pay for in the world of software, so if it’s free there’s probably a good reason it’s free. Chances are, it doesn’t provide the features, security, or support for you to use the software effectively or even safely. And in the legal field, where compliance is critical, it’s always a better choice to pay for software that’s going to get the job done right.

Additionally, quality invoice software is not just about ethics, but functionality and versatility. Lawyers need accounting tools that are safe as well as easy to use. That’s sadly not something you can get for free — but the good news is that with the right software, you’ll recoup costs (and then some) in saved time, reduced stress, and more efficient operations. 

The right software shouldn’t feel like a sunk cost, but an investment in your success. That’s what we strive for at PracticePanther — and the proof is in our happy customers!

Which Software Is Best for Making an Invoice?

Which Software Is Best for Making an Invoice?

For lawyers, the best software for invoicing is PracticePanther, which allows you to expertly handle your billing lifecycle as one part of an all-in-one case management solution. You can track billable hours, organize invoices, keep case records and documents, and much more, all while maintaining a compliant practice. 

Plus, attorneys can use insights from legal analytics software features in PracticePanther to guide strategic business decisions, like determining more profitable practice areas and better ways to manage time. 

When it comes to the practice of law, PracticePanther is the best case scenario. See why today, and sign up for a free trial or a free demo. We look forward to meeting you and watching your firm succeed — with PracticePanther at your side!

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