The Family Law Software for Mac Users That Blends Form and Function

MacBooks provide an intersection of both aesthetic appeal and state-of-the-art performance that appeals to legal professionals across practice areas. Those who practice family law often engage with their clients during a life-changing transition or development, and the software to which they entrust their workload must sacrifice neither form nor function. The best family law software for Mac users in legal tech are the ones who take a page from the MacBook, so to speak, finding an intersection between performance and ease of use that renders task completion as close to effortless as possible.

The Grandfather Test

PracticePanther’s founders Ori and David had one goal while developing the software: robust functionality with incomparable ease of use. In order to test their platform’s fulfillment of this goal, they put it through a literal “Grandfather Test.” David and Ori’s grandparents were asked to navigate the software with no prior knowledge of its functionality in order to determine the extent to which PracticePanther’s streamlined interface was self-explanatory. The result was a seamless user experience. To this day, ease of use remains among PracticePanther’s pillars.

Any Screen, Anytime

Versatility is a hallmark of a family law practice, and it follows that the best family law software for Mac users offer varied kinds of user experience. Family attorneys who find themselves working on their mobile phones are encouraged to invest in a solution that can keep up. The best solutions are the ones that display beautifully on an array of screen sizes, from mobile phones to tablets, to laptops and desktops.

Safety First

With the increase in technological solutions comes an unfortunate increase in cybercrime. Due to the sensitive nature of the information entrusted to them, law firms are considered a “soft target” for cybercriminals worldwide, and attorneys must be proactive about protecting themselves. This begins with investing in a practice management solution with state-of-the-art security features. PracticePanther’s CTO, who worked in cybersecurity for the army, knew the importance of law firms’ placing locks on their firms’ virtual doors. For this reason, PracticePanther offers its users 256-bit security encryption – the same level of protection utilized by banks and online credit card processors.

Optimal Family Law Software for Mac Users

Since its inception, PracticePanther has strived to achieve this happy medium, cementing itself as the optimal family law software for Mac users (among other things). This is not a claim lightly made; various components of the software, past to present, contribute to accomplishing this mission.

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