Significant Discounts Are Now Offered To Colorado Lawyers

This week, PracticePanther announced its recent inclusion in the Colorado Bar Association’s Member Benefits program. Due to this development, Colorado Lawyers belonging to the Colorado Bar will receive an exclusive discount of 15% off their subscription to the highest-rated practice management software in the world. With the wide array of solutions available to attorneys in the current legal tech market, choosing the ideal platform – even with an exclusive offer – is a daunting process. High-performing, unparalleled features are key to a successful practice management software. However, what truly takes a platform above and beyond are the elements that make user experience as optimal as functionality. Read on for the must-see signs of an excellent software solution and experience for Colorado Lawyers – and beyond.

Colorado Lawyers Are Offered Excellent Customer Service

Contrary to what the actions of many leading practice management platforms may suggest, a user does not stop being a priority when the sale is completed. In fact, it is quite the opposite: the users of a practice management solution are its most valuable asset. This is not because of revenue; it is because of the invaluable feedback they provide. Without its users, any solution in any field is useless. It is essential to invest in a practice management solution that invests right back into its user base. Look for a platform that cherishes and asks for user feedback; this indicates that its team is perpetually willing to learn from its mistakes and grow.

An Individualized Experience

Often, the “shopping” phase for an attorney looking for a practice management solution is characterized by demo after monotonous demo. These demonstrations are usually done in a webinar-like format, during which several prospective users are given are talked at about the most profitable features offered by a software solution. This type of onboarding is a tremendous red flag. A practice management solution should offer its users individualized, one-on-one interactions from the beginning. Your firm is unique, and your needs are specific; if a platform does not recognize this from its first interaction with you, it will not grow to recognize it later.

Consistent Features Updates

Most leading practice management solutions offer one or two major feature roll-outs a year. This means that ready-to-use features are withheld from users for the sake of upselling or padding a press release. In short: this format is an indicator that profit trumps patrons. Rather, look to a solution that rolls out features to its users as they become available. This not only demonstrates a dedication to user experience; it also shows that the platform values its members’ feedback on what works for them and what doesn’t.


PracticePanther’s inclusion in the Colorado Bar’s member benefits program brings unprecedented value to attorneys in the Centennial State. However, though a generous discount is always a plus, it does not make for the highest-rated solution in the world. That is accomplished through a combination of sophisticated features and unparalleled user experience. Colorado Lawyers are encouraged to be watchful and diligent as they consider the many options available to them in order to find the most efficient and effective solution for their firms.

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