How to find the best Law Practice Management Software Online


The Best Law Practice Management Software Online

What characteristics make up the best law practice management software? There are so many different factors to consider. Price. Ease of use. Training. Support. Features. And countless others.

The list is endless.

One of the first tips we offer any lawyer, attorney, paralegal, or law firm when searching for the best law practice management software is to first write down what are your needs. What are YOU looking for? What features do you want? Another great starting point is to simply write down and ask yourself – what are our biggest problems? Then you should set out to find the best software that will solve all of those problems.

It may not be the first software you stumble upon, so you will need to do your homework. Price usually isn’t a large factor since every software online is similarly priced and it really depends on one big question – will it save you time or take up more of it? You should always search for the best law practice management software that will get the job done…the first time. Don’t waste your time with anything that looks complicated. It will only make matters worse (no pun intended).


Staying up to date

The software you choose should be up to date. You don’t want a software that was made 10+ years ago because, as you know, technology is ever-changing and constantly improving. The software you choose should be easily accessible, easy to use, help keep you organized and make all your work much easier to manage. Working with ten different programs (PayPal, Quickbooks, Excel, etc…) can become tedious and time consuming. One of the best law practice management software’s, like PracticePanther, is great for everything you need. With time tracking, invoicing, billing, trust accounting, case management, calendar sharing, and more, there are infinite ways to benefit and save time…and money.



Time tracking: One of the most essential tools for a busy lawyer. You want to stay professional, accessible and organized while on the job.

Invoicing and billing: This will save you an extra step when billing customers. When you make it easy for them, they are happier with what you are offering – even if they have to pay.

Accounting: Why use a separate software when you can already get one built-in? Our accounting tools will do everything you need and will show you that you made the right decision in trusting the best law practice management software around.

Case Management: All of your cases, documents, files, and notes all in one place. You asked for a paper trail. You got it.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): We know your customers are the most important and fragile part of your job. With our CRM tool, we will help keep up with the relationships you have built with your customers.

Calendar: Plug in the dates and we will make sure you remember what needs to get done.



PracticePanther offers all of these tools in one place. The software is secured by a 256-bit military grade encryption to make sure that all of your information and customers’ information are safe and secure. At PracticePanther, it is always about what we can do to make your job easier. Let us know how we can help make it even easier at any time.

To try it for free for 7 days (no credit card required), click here:

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