The Best Apps for Lawyers Looking to Optimize their Law Practice

With every day ushering in a new “must have” app for every type of person, profession, and situation under the sun, “overwhelming” becomes an understatement. An attorney’s time is not only valuable – it’s precious. Though it presents the possibility of finding the next great option, spending hours sifting through various apps is hardly an efficient use of time. In the spirit of automation, PracticePanther has done a master audit of the multiple apps and platforms we have recommended to our readers over time, compiling a (very) short list of the three most worthwhile options for every legal professional. Whether familiar with all or none of these options, every legal entrepreneur stands to benefit from incorporating the best apps for lawyers into their daily routines.

Best Apps for Lawyers starts with LawPay

Of the solutions on this list, this is without a doubt the biggest no-brainer. Still, it’s worth emphasizing what a valuable asset LawPay is to any and every legal professional. Not only is LawPay certified by 48 bar organizations, but it’s also fully IOLTA compliant. Though not the only payment processing app on the market, LawPay is unique in its being designed entirely with legal professionals in mind. If this is a solution with which you are familiar, it is incredibly worthwhile to look into it further.

Email with Software Plugin Are Vital For the On-The-Go Lawyer

In this day and age, it’s natural to assume that virtually every attorney, paralegal, and entrepreneur has their preferred email application on their phone. However, what goes the extra mile is investing in a practice management solution that offers a built-in plug-in to major email platforms’ inboxes. By leveraging the functionality of such a plugin, attorneys are able to create and edit contacts and matters in their software without leaving their inbox.

Best Apps for Lawyers ends with Zapier

Attorneys who rely on their practice management solutions to be as customizable as they are efficient would be hard-pressed to use a better app than Zapier. Zapier essentially serves as a “middle man” between software with which it is integrated and over a thousand different apps and platforms. Through the bridges built by Zapier, attorneys eliminate the need to step outside of their software to access their favorite apps.


The best apps for lawyers are the ones that work with, not against, their practice management solution. In its ceaseless quest to automate the lives or workloads of attorneys everywhere, PracticePanther has compiled a shortlist of the best apps for lawyers to optimize their practice management software. By harnessing these in conjunction with their software, attorneys will be primed to work as efficiently as possible.

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