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Lawyers have historically been overloaded with paperwork. From client contracts to case documents, it can get overwhelming to keep track of it all. Add on the headache of tracking clients down for signatures and meeting time-sensitive deadlines, you’ve got a recipe for chaos. Our new eSignature feature was designed to eliminate these problems and give lawyers back their valuable time. 

In this live stream recording, “Solving Your Paperwork Pain with PracticePanther’s eSignature,”  Product Manager, Scott Gartenberg discusses:

  • What exactly eSignature can do for lawyers 
  • The importance of document transparency 
  • Pro tips on using native eSignature from PracticePanther

What is eSignature? (3:30)

At its most basic form, eSignature technology allows someone to create a document for signature, send that document to a specific party, and allow them to digitally add their signature and return it to the original sender. Switching to an eSignature solution from the traditional way of collecting signatures simply makes sense with today’s work environment. Whether it be meeting in person to sign documents, or even messing with fax machines or snail mail, eSignature is faster and more flexible than anything done in the past. 

With so much in limbo pertaining to working in an office, or working remotely, adding eSignature capabilities to your law firm sets you up for success in any future scenario. Implementing eSignature also makes processes like client intake much easier on yourself and your clients. 

How does PracticePanther’s eSignature work? (6:49) 

We’ve designed our eSignature tool to fit seamlessly into the PracticePanther suite and added a brand new eSignature dashboard at the top of our menu bar. You can think of this dashboard as your eSign hub where you can start a signing process, view the status of documents out for signature, and even download signed documents if you need to. It’s all internal, and you don’t have to leave PracticePanther for any step

Another benefit of using PracticePanther’s eSignature tool is that you won’t have to pay for a third party subscription. We’re happy to be able to offer eSignature at no additional charge to our customers who are on our Business plan.   

Creating and customizing eSignature requests is simple (8:30)

eSignature requests begin at the eSign dashboard by clicking on New eSignature Request. This will open a modal where you can select an existing contact or create a new one. Once your Contact or Matter is selected, you can upload the document you need signed. You can even upload multiple documents to be sent as well. 

What’s also great about this feature is that you can actually select a particular signing order. So if contact A needs to sign before contact B, then C and so forth, our system will individually email those people only once the person before them has completed their signature. 

Documents can be uploaded as PDF’s or Word documents where you use a simple drag and drop feature to input the required signing fields. You may include space for a full name, signature, date, or anything else you require. Customization does not stop there, you can even customize the signature emails that get sent to your clients. 

Add a splash of color and your firm’s logo to the header image, and draft any copy that you wish to include in your message right in the PracticePanther application.

Increased document transparency with realtime notifications (12:10)  

You can’t manage what you can’t measure — so we put major emphasis on document transparency in our eSignature tool.  Next to each signer’s name you will always see an image that signifies if the document has been either received, with an hourglass, viewed, with an eye, or complete with a green checkmark. Once everyone has signed you can download the document, which will be stored right in PracticePanther for as long as you need.  

Finally, one use case the PracticePanther team is excited about is the ability for you to send both a signature, and a payment request, at the very same time using our PantherPayments OneLink feature. Imagine you’re entering an agreement with a new client and you want to collect a retainer and get a contract signed. All you need to do is start your eSign request, and in the body of your email you can add a hyperlink that is synced with your firm’s unique OneLink. Your client can then pay, and sign your documents all within the same message. This will save so many steps, and greatly reduce the paper trail and emailing back and forth that we see happen at the beginning of a business relationship. 

Watch the full recording to learn more 

To get an even clearer picture of the benefits of native ePayments within PracticePanther, you can view the full recording of our live stream to learn more!

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