PracticePanther Releases iPhone and Android apps for Lawyers on the go.

Access All Your Legal Documents, Invoices, Events, and More from Your Mobile Device. 

PracticePanther is now available on the Iphone and Android Devices 


North Miami Beach, FL (Nov 17, 2015) – In a video and online statement, PracticePanther has outlined how their legal case management software embraces mobile technology, providing all of their popular features in a smartphone and tablet application. Attorneys on the go can access PracticePanther’s communication services, invoicing systems and more at just the tap of a button.


PracticePanther’s mobile app is available on iOS and Android devices, offering carefree and easy access to all your files, communication and financial reports on your phone, tablet or computer – no matter where in the world you are.


Designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use, the PracticePanther mobile app allows users to add time entries, bill clients out of the office, add billable time to invoices, see case deadlines, add new contacts, view and download important files and even edit documents on the go. Thanks to the connectivity with Office apps, users can even create and import documents on their phones which become accessible on traditional computer-based Office suites.


David Bitton, CEO of PracticePanther, praised the work done by his company in creating the unique new app:


“Our PracticePanther app for Android and iOS just keeps getting better and better, with our team working to ensure that it looks great on screens of all sizes. We also ensure that all the features our users know and love are available whether a user is in the office, on the train or on the other side of the world.”


Users will also enjoy free automatic updates for life, according to PracticePanther, meaning that anyone signed up will be able to benefit from the regular updates and improvements being made to an already popular and useful piece of online software.


All sensitive data and information will remain completely secure with PracticePanther’s app, too. Thanks to next-level encryption built into the app as standard, users will never have their information compromised. Lose your device and all information will remain secure, thanks to all information being kept on secure servers and away from your device’s internal storage.


Travelling attorneys can enjoy full calendar and email sync, integration with Zapier and Quickbooks, a convenient client portal, notifications and chat, and access to all information they make available on their account.



PraticePanther is an intuitive software solution designed for legal case management, giving paralegals and attorneys a wide range of features to aid communication, document management, trust accounting and billing. PracticePanther integrated with Exchange, Outlook, Quickbooks Online, LawPay, and a multitude of other online software solutions that define a modern attorney’s workspace.


The online system allows attorneys, paralegals and clients all stay up-to-date with case information and news, keep in touch and see real-time developments.

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