Like most organizations across the world, our entire business infrastructure was upended overnight in March of 2020. With teams spread out across the country, we sent everyone home in the name of safety and equipped them to work from home within 48 hours. While 2020 was full of many challenges for our organization, we learned a lot about our team and how we work well together. 

Great Place to Work Certified

Though there was a steep learning curve for all teams at Paradigm, which PracticePanther is a part of, we’ve since come to embrace our remote environment. In fact, it’s worked out so well that Paradigm has just been officially designated as a Great Place to Work! This recognition is important to us as it comes directly from our colleagues, with 94% of them stating that we are indeed, a great place to work! 

So here we are, after an entire year of constantly testing, learning, and growing as an organization, we’ve come to the conclusion that Paradigm will remain a remote-hybrid company, indefinitely. 

To read more about the factors that went into this decision, and tips on how we’ve been able to make remote work happen effectively, visit the Paradigm blog.

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