The PracticePanther team is forever grateful for the lawyers and legal professionals that choose to use our software in an effort to better the lives of their clients. We can’t say thank you enough for your continued support of our platform. 

Technology was the great equalizer in 2020. With businesses transitioning online seemingly overnight, we worked hard this year to ensure that our technology would make lawyer’s lives just a bit easier in these chaotic and stressful times.  

As we charge forward into 2021, we can’t wait to keep providing services to help our customers tackle whatever challenges come their way. For one last moment though, we invite you to reflect on 2020 with us — because some truly awesome things happened around here. 

Best wishes, 

The PracticePanther Team

A Stronger Product

In 2020, we continued to deliver features that saved lawyers time, streamlined remote communication, and most importantly, helped law firms get paid faster. 

Get paid faster with PantherPayments 

The launch of the new all-in-one PantherPayments was one of our biggest undertakings of the year. PantherPayments is the most modern payment technology in the legal industry with the lowest and most consistent pricing, and is a 100% IOLTA and ABA compliant. Clients pay up to 70% faster when offered multiple options to pay with just a few clicks— PantherPayments makes that possible. Whether it’s by eCheck or every maor credit card, clients can pay your bills on time using their preferred payment method. 

Automated features like payment plans help law firms put many of their payment, accounts receivable, and collection processes on autopilot and ensure payments are timely and consistent. In a post-COVID world, touchless payments are a must have for all law firms. If you’ve been missing out on these features, you can activate PantherPayments for free by following this link.

Conditional workflows make your firm more efficient 

Conditional workflows bring collaboration and convenience to the case management experience. Keeping your agenda clean and focusing on what matters at the moment is now easier than ever. Never guess a due date again with the use of this simple task automation.

A thirst for knowledge

Alongside writing about our product releases, we strive to provide industry insights to our customers, making them the most technologically savvy lawyers out there — and boy did our customers devour our materials. In fact, we crunched some numbers, and they read our blog for 1.16 years worth of time. This year’s most popular blog posts included 

  1. How to manage your law firm remotely during Covid-19
  2. Why 6 diverse lawyers launched their own practices 
  3. New conditional workflows make case management easier 

A stellar future 

Just last week, a rebrand of our parent company was announced. PracticePanther is now part of  Paradigm, formerly ASG LegalTech. This change comes at the perfect time, a new year means shifting possibilities, and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the Paradigm team. If you want to stay in the loop on what Paradigm is up to, you can follow their activity on LinkedIn. 

Here at PracticePanther, we won’t pretend to predict the exact future, but what we do know for sure is that we’re cooking up some incredible features for you in 2021. We’re committed to bringing our customers along that journey with us, so stay tuned as we continue to provide the best platform to serve all of your clients needs in the new year. 

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