Running a successful law firm requires time, patience, and an open mind to test new strategies and tactics. “Sticking with how I’ve always done it” can be a recipe for disaster in a digital age when new products are regularly disrupting the status quo. Sometimes, the best way to move forward is to recognize where you’re struggling. 

That’s exactly what happened at leading tax law firm, KKOS Lawyers as they were on the cusp of expanding their practice. “Nothing we were doing was efficient when it came to invoicing or communicating with clients,” said Shantelle Urquidez, Executive and Accounts Receivable Manager.  

The reliance on outdated technology, on-premise servers, and tremendous amounts of paper invoices were not only impacting KKOS Lawyers’ physical expansions, it was harming their bottom line. Shantelle knew that in order to reach their goals, they were going to have to make a change. 

Ultimately, KKOS Lawyers decided to implement PracticePanther at their firm, and now six years later, they’ve expanded to four offices, employ 73 people, and have thousands of happy clients across the country. Most notably, they’ve made tremendous strides in cutting down on accounts receivable.   

In this short case study, you can learn how KKOS Lawyers was able to grow their practice by operating in the cloud, communicating effectively and securely with their expanding client list, free up hours in the day by automating billing, and reducing their outstanding accounts receivables by 73% — all with the help of PracticePanther.

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