What Is The CARES Act and How Can It Help Legal Professionals?

On March 27, Congress passed the 2020 Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES) to mitigate the negative economic impact of COVID-19. The CARES Act provides small businesses and individuals with extended unemployment insurance benefits, loans for paycheck protection, refundable tax credit, and business tax provisions. Attorneys who own their own practice can take advantage […]

2020 ABA TECHSHOW in Chicago


The ABA TECHSHOW is the biggest legal industry conference of the year. It brings together thousands of lawyers and technology providers from all over the world. Attendees spend three days learning how legal tech can help them practice more effectively and serve clients with the most advanced standards.  The annual ABA TECHSHOW  in Chicago offers […]

Prevent Phishing and Malware at Your Law Firm

How Law Firms Can Prevent Phishing and Malware

Law firms harbor information directly linked to politics, public figures, intellectual property, and sensitive personal information. Because lawyers rely on email to manage cases and interact with clients, hackers exploit technical vulnerabilities and people via email. After cybercriminals infiltrate a law firm’s systems in a successful phishing or malware attack, they leverage breached information for […]

Estate Planning Checklists and Sample Documents

Estate Planning Checklists and Sample Documents

There are few tasks more important than estate planning for the elderly and those with significant assets to their name. Financial resources must be taken into account when folks enter their twilight years. Issues like who receives their assets, at what rate, how they can be utilized, and the tax implications are all necessary issues […]

Mergers & Acquisitions: How to Successfully Complete a Law Firm Merger

Mergers & Acquisitions: How to Successfully Complete a Law Firm Merger

Law firm mergers are becoming more and more frequent with each passing year. According to the American Bar Association, in 2010 there were only 39 law firm mergers. Just three years later, as the world still reeled from the Great Recession’s turmoil, in 2013, there were 88, and in 2015, there were 91, the highest […]