Unlike a book, legal blogs provide a wealth of educational content that can quickly be consumed during a coffee break or commute. 

Whether you’re seeking insights into landmark cases, valuable tips for optimizing your law firm’s profitability, practice-specific best practices, or guidance on the latest development in legal technology — the best legal blogs have got you covered.

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Benefits of Reading Legal Blogs

Lawyers have a responsibility to stay informed about legal trends and news in order to enhance their skills. Legal blogs provide a valuable resource for continuing education after law school in a readily accessible manner.

One of the many advantages of legal blogs is the ability to remain updated on regulatory changes and legislation. By accessing information from scholars, experienced lawyers, and respected legal professionals, you can ensure that you have trusted knowledge to apply in your practice. 

Furthermore, legal blogs can assist in conducting case research. Depending on the blog, you can obtain research tips, legal opinions, and concise summaries of landmark cases, all of which can aid in preparing for your own cases.

Lastly, legal blogs offer valuable insights into business development, networking, and law firm marketing strategies. Certain blogs on this list focus on achieving success as a legal professional and business owner, providing guidance on running a law firm as a prosperous enterprise.

Best General Legal Blogs

These general legal blogs offer a range of topics that cover different aspects of the legal field, including news, regulations, and practice area-specific updates.

ABA Journal

The American Bar Association (ABA) Journal blog curates content from over 4,000 legal blogs and offers original content written by expert lawyers. The ABA has a robust team of editors, writers, and contributors to ensure it’s covering the most up-to-the-minute information for legal professionals.


If you want legal news and updates, Jurist is a public service project with over 80 law students at 30 law schools all over the world. Writers offer commentary about legal issues under the supervision and guidance of academic leadership, giving unique insights into pressing issues.

Attorney at Work

Attorney at Work is designed to help lawyers looking to create a successful law practice. The blog’s contributors include industry experts from all fields of business, including marketing, tech, and firm management, offering practical and insightful tips.


LexBlog offers a legal blog community of over 3,000 blog publishers worldwide. It’s been a mainstay in the legal blog industry for the past 16 years, leading the charge for other legal industry blogs. In addition, LexBlog has a resource center with business blogs to help attorneys run their practice. 

Best Legal Technology Blogs

Technology has become a mainstay in the legal industry. These legal technology blogs help you navigate the new tools and solutions to support your firm, whether it’s legal practice management software or legal case management.


LawSites was founded by Robert Ambrogi, the previous editor-in-chief for the National Law Journal and LexBlog. On his blog, he shares valuable insights into legal technology products and trends.

Artificial Lawyer

Artificial Lawyer offers a deep dive into the latest in legal technology, including hot topics like AI and workflow automation. The Artificial Lawyer also offers the Legal Tech Education Guide with courses to implement and maximize legal technology.


The PracticePanther blog offers insights on how legal professionals and lawyers can leverage law practice management software to effectively manage the processes at their firm. PracticePanther covers several topics with valuable resources on billing and law firm finances, legal marketing, law practice, and data security to help you run a successful and profitable law firm.

You can also find blogs that dive into the PracticePanther platform with best practices and tips to get the most out of features like the MoneyFinder, or eSignature

Law Technology Today

Law Technology Today is published by the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center and offers legal tech tips, case studies, and resources to help you leverage legal technology in your practice.

Best Corporate Legal Blogs

While the majority of legal blogs cater to lawyers working in law firms, there are a few that also provide valuable insights specifically tailored for in-house legal counsel in corporate environments.

Above the Law

Approaching topics with a touch of humor, Above the Law is a helpful blog that offers insights into a variety of pressing topics in the legal industry. It devotes an entire section to in-house counsel content with specific issues that only apply to this space.

ACC Docket

ACC Docket is a comprehensive blog from the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) that covers topical issues through the corporate legal lens, such as legal technology, diversity, and ethics and compliance. This blog offers exceptional interviews with in-house counsel as well.

In-House Ops

In-House Ops is the Law Business Media blog specifically designed for general counsel. The organization works with corporate law department leaders and outside counsel to provide expert content about career development, law department administration, and much more.


Law360’s corporate blog provides legal news and analysis of issues that affect corporate counsel and the corporations they work for. It covers a wide range of topics, including enforcement, legislation, litigation, and governance.

Be That Lawyer

Steve Fretzin is a renowned legal marketing expert and business coach. In his Be That Lawyer blog, he covers topics such as legal marketing, business development, client acquisition, networking, personal branding, and leadership skills. His expertise provides attorneys with actionable insights to enhance their visibility and achieve success in the competitive legal industry.

Best Legal Operations Blogs

Legal ops are necessary for successful corporate legal departments. These blogs focus on assisting legal ops professionals with their growing responsibilities in the sector.


The Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) blog covers best practices in legal operations and trends. As a leader in the field, the CLOC provides only top-quality content supported by data-driven insights.

Best Family Law Blogs

Family law can be a challenging practice area with a lot of changing laws and regulations. These are the best blogs that offer valuable insights and resources for family attorneys.

Family Law Blog

Authored by the family law attorneys at Divorce Magazine, the Family Law Blog offers detailed posts about child custody, support, divorce, property division, and more, complete with personal anecdotes and practical legal advice.

Family Law Prof Blog

The Family Law Prof Blog is run by law professors and scholars in family law for practicing lawyers and students alike. They offer analysis and commentary on recent family law cases, policy developments, and legislation on a broad range of family law topics.

Best Litigation Law Blogs

Litigation can be a demanding field in law, but these legal litigation blogs help court attorneys hone their skills for success.

Litigation Daily

From high-profile class action cases to personal injury, Litigation Daily from the American Lawyer Media offers expert insights and guidance on the biggest court battles in the US courts. The “Litigator of the Week” column offers tips and tricks from some of the best in the business.

Plaintiff Trial Lawyer Tips

Plaintiff Trial Lawyer Tips is run by retired attorney Paul Luvera, who was a successful plaintiff attorney for 60 years. He offers expert advice on his blog and tips to present stronger cases before a jury.

Litigation Notes

Litigation Notes is run by Herbert Smith Freehills’ litigation team and covers developments in litigation law, class actions, practices, and cases.

Best Health Law Blogs

Health law is a rapidly evolving field, so it’s important to stay up on the latest developments and updates.

DW Health Law Blog

Dickinson Wright’s Health Law Blog offers up-to-date legal and practical information about the changing field of health law. In addition to landmark cases, the blog offers insights and analysis to assist lawyers working in this unpredictable landscape.

Health Law Advisor

Health Law Advisor is an insightful blog from thought leaders in the health law field at Epstein, Becker, and Green. It covers the latest laws and regulations that affect healthcare and the life sciences. Other hot topics include healthcare labor laws and the emerging role of technology in the healthcare industry.

Legal blogs can be a huge help for your continuing education as a lawyer. Once you find the blogs you enjoy, you can keep up with new content by signing up for notifications and joining email lists, which give you access to exclusive content like newsletters. You should also follow these blogs on social media to ensure you never miss an update.

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