4 Foolproof Methods Lawyers Can Use To Master Twitter


1. Follow relevant Twitter handles

In today’s society, almost all companies and publications have a Twitter feed. Following newspapers for instance gives you access to a short 140-character summary of a story with a link to the full story. Twitter gives you the freedom to quickly run through information and determine which articles you would like to open to read instead of wasting time on a story not relevant to you or your business. Twitter has been more current then the news in past events. It is becoming the fastest way to get information in today’s fast paced environment.


2. Learn from the best

Following experts in the field is a great tool to educate yourself on who and what the experts are following as well. Government agencies and courts keep their twitter handles up to date on all new regulations and decisions. They also keep their followers up on any news stories in the area. Keeping track of these accounts is a neat trick to staying relevant with any major current events.


3. Connect with your clients

Twitter serves as a great place to network with people, especially those who share the same interests as you. Growing your followers and interacting with clients is a great way to maintain an ongoing relationship with your clients and keep them reminded that you are proactive on social media. Having interactions such as just favoriting tweets your clients post is a simple way to be ahead of other lawyers who only speak to their clients when they are called. This shows yours clients that you care, and also that you and the firm you work with are up to date on not only technology and social media, but also most knowledgeable in your field by your tweets.


4. Find new leads and opportunities

Twitter has a keyword search tool that can come in handy for lawyers. The tool allows you to enter a keyword that will be searched throughout user’s tweets in a specific location. Instead of spending countless hours on research analysis to develop content optimized to appear in the top 10 of search engines such as Google, keyword search can simplify your job. As a lawyer, you can search for “injury in New York,” or “car accident in Miami.” This gives you that opportunity to find potential clients discussing each topic in your area. Everything is discussed on social media in our current society, even people’s legal situations and their opinions on them. So, as a lawyer it is important to take advantage of this, and find new leads with the free information available on twitter.




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Sabrina Peixoto

Sabrina Peixoto