As in any case, it is important to thoroughly research the options. To start, begin by searching for your Law Firm’s name on Google. Do the same with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms you are considering. Are people talking about your law firm? As an attorney, has your name been cited on any of these platforms? If so – what type of feedback and attention are your getting? If not – why?

Next, do the same with keywords. Create a list of keywords that are associated with your law firm’s focus area. As you go through this list on the various social media platforms, note which words appear more frequently and where. This can help you gauge the potential audience on each platform and narrow your approach.

Finally, examine at the competition’s prevalence on each social media platform. Not only can this help you to be more aware of who is on each platform, but it can also help you determine effective and ineffective strategies used by similar businesses.

Be Goal Oriented

Once you have completed your research, it is time to make your choice and set goals. It is vital not to spread yourself too thin. Most marketing experts recommend you start with one or two social media platforms.

You need to set goals as your progress through your social media usage. These goals should be measurable and specific. Your initial goals will likely be modest but should increase over time as your law firm grows in popularity. In fact, once you have mastered your grasp of social media, your goals should align with that of your law firm.

Plan Content & Keep a Routine

Before you publish content, plan it out. It is important to remember that there are certain rules that govern attorney interactions. In 2012, the Law Society published their social media guide for attorneys. (They continue to update this guidance.)

Consider what your audience will find interesting, as well as how they may react. Social media often means that it will provoke a reaction. This could mean that it is controversial, heartwarming, or something else. Have opinions, but make sure they align with your own convictions.

While planning your content, you also need to develop a routine you can stick to. Whether you plan to post hourly or a few times a week, it is important to keep to your schedule, as followers will begin to depend on your post timeline. Your routine needs to include creating and posting new content, deleting spam and responding to comments and messages.

Gather the Forces

Law firms range in size. For those with a single attorney, growing a social media presence will be more time-consuming. (However, that does not mean impossible!) For larger law firms, the workload can be delegated throughout the team. Encourage your fellow staffers and attorneys to help share the workload. Encourage them to re-share or re-tweet content to further your outreach.

Build your social media into your events too. When you or your team host events, spread the word through social media. Use your social media to connect with conference attendees, organizers, speakers, and other participating agencies as well!

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