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Maria Barbera is the Marketing Director at PracticePanther. While in college, Maria explored campaign analysis from a variety of perspectives. She interned as a Head Features Editor and Analyst at Metro International News in New York, NY. At the same time, she was the Associate Editor for Features at The Eye Magazine. She worked with Equality Florida as a Field Campaign intern, as well as a Legislative Policy Intern for State Representative Darryl Rouson. She is tremendously passionate about the intersection of law and technology and the possibilities it holds for making the world a better place, which makes her tenure at a company as vibrant and innovative as PracticePanther all the more exciting. 

About Maria Barbera

Matt Spiegel is a lawyer and serial entrepreneur. He graduated from the University of Arizona in 2002 and from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in 2005. After 4 years at a large consumer firm, Matt started his own criminal defense practice in late 2009 and, at the same moment, started the practice management software company MyCase. As the founder and CEO of MyCase he sold the company to AppFolio in 2012 and remained as the head of MyCase until 2015. Matt then went on to become the CEO of Cammy, an international consumer home security company with headquarters in Sydney, Australia. In 2017, Matt left Cammy in order to start Lawmatics, the first CRM and Marketing Automation platform for lawyers.

About Matt Spiegel

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