Simplify and automate your legal client intake process

Reduce human error during your client intake process so you can get to the good stuff faster.

PracticePanther showing new client intake forms

Goodbye, manual data entry

Stop wasting time with a legacy intake process. Go paperless and invite clients to fill out a customized client intake form. Whether it’s filled out on a laptop, cellphone, or tablet, clients will enjoy the accessibility of getting onboarded with your firm. No more shuffling paperwork, deciphering handwriting, or wondering if you captured all the correct information. Just a smart, fast, and seamless intake process.

PracticePanther showing new client intake forms

Customize your client intake form to your heart’s desire

Generate, brand, customize, update, and repeat — it’s that simple. Build unlimited intake forms with custom fields to capture the information you need to begin working on a client’s case. Digitally share personalized intake forms with your firm’s logos and brand colors.

PracticePanther dashboard showing new client intake forms

Rest easy knowing all is safe and sound

Whether a client is on their phone or punching away at a keyboard from home, any sensitive information from their client intake form submission is secure with 256-bit SSL encryption with CAPTCHA. You won’t find a safer place to store clients’ data.  

PracticePanther Legal CRM

Take on new business faster

Transitioning a lead to a new client has never been easier. Once an intake form is completed, the lead’s information is transferred and stored in your PracticePanther account as a new contact. When you’re ready to start working on their case, everything you need is instantly accessible in one place. 

PracticePanther Custom Tags

Gain insights into the client journey

Curious about how and where clients discover your law firm? The client intake process is the perfect opportunity to understand your firm’s visibility in the market. Simply add fields in the client intake form that capture how the client found your firm and then use our custom tags to keep track of where you generate the most leads. It’s a simple way to track your firm’s growth potential.

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