How PracticePanther Helped TLaw Migrate Systems and Recover Previously Inaccessible Data in 2 Days

"All of the data that was ‘lost’, PracticePanther gave me full access. PracticePanther is so user-friendly that all of my transferred data stayed consistent, so I don’t have to create everything from scratch."

Kenneth Temnor

Real Estate Practitioner & Owner of TLaw

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Gaithersburg, MD


Kenneth Temnor, a seasoned real estate practitioner and owner of TLaw, navigates a high volume of paperwork, contracts, and documents in his practice. Despite initially relying on legacy on-premise software for case management, Kenneth encountered hurdles due to the inability to access critical firm data. Consequently, Kenneth turned to PracticePanther, which not only facilitated the complete recovery of his lost data but also empowered him to leverage PracticePanther’s features to his advantage.

In the practice of law, accurate data and documents are indispensable resources for every attorney, including Kenneth Temnor. The importance of a dependable law firm software solution for efficiently storing and managing these critical assets cannot be overstated. Kenneth found himself in a challenging situation that no attorney wishes to encounter — the inability to access his firm’s valuable data and vital client documents in his previous legacy law firm software. The simple act of updating his computer to a newer model turned out to be a multiple-month burden, with his previous software pushing for Kenneth to upgrade his subscription in order to retrieve all his old data. 

PracticePanther Helped TLaw Overcome System Limitations and Recover Lost Data From Legacy On-Premise Provider in Two Days

For 8 years, Kenneth relied on legacy on-premise provider to manage his practice. He then encountered two significant challenges that affected his entire legal practice’s efficiency — the inability to retrieve data, and the limited data storage in the system.

It took his previous provider team three months to recover an incomplete set of data within the software, leaving Kenneth frustrated and forced into inefficient processes. Kenneth resorted to using an external hard drive to store his data. However, this brought on more problems as it required him to manually create documents for each client. The continuous frustrations and reliance on external hard drives led Kenneth to explore alternative solutions.

Kenneth explored several other law firm software before choosing PracticePanther.. What led Kenneth to choose PracticePanther was its easy-to-use platform that he experienced himself during the 7-day free trial. After exploring all that PracticePanther had to offer with its free trial, what truly impressed Kenneth was the software’ss capability to effortlessly retrieve all of his essential data in just two days. 

"PracticePanther only took 2 days to complete the data migration process, and it was extremely thorough. In comparison, it took my previous legacy on-premise law firm software 2 to 3 months to recover incomplete data, to the point where they refused to help me unless I purchased additional packages."

Kenneth Temnor

Real Estate Practitioner & Owner of TLaw

With PracticePanther’s dedicated data migration team on his side, Kenneth achieved a full recovery of his client information, calendar events, and a diverse range of data in a fraction of the time it would have taken his previous service. He was able to store an unlimited amount of data at no extra cost. This marked the definitive resolution to his frustrating data issue.

PracticePanther Maintained Consistency and Uniformity Across All Data for TLaw

What further solidified Kenneth’s decision was the document uniformity he encountered within his transferred data. Every piece of information migrated from his previous legacy software into PracticePanther has emerged seamlessly into one unified format. This consistency provided Kenneth with not just intact data, but a sense of coherence and organization that greatly streamlined his practice. Furthermore, now all of Kenneth’s data is securely stored in the cloud, making it even more conveniently accessible for him compared to his previous on-premise software.

"Data is everything as a lawyer. PracticePanther not only was able to retrieve all of the inaccessible data from his previous on-premise law firm software, but also keep all of my old and new documents consistent and uniform."

TLaw Experienced Quicker Document Generation with Recovered Data

Kenneth now automatically creates customized documents for each client with PracticePanther’s custom fields functionality. He imports document templates into PracticePanther and simply drags and drops default and custom field placeholders into those files. With that, he can eliminate the inital need and time for manually entering client data for each document. He was able to turn what once was a repetitive task of creating individual documents into a streamlined operation, allowing him to focus on other important aspects of his practice.

"I like PracticePanther because it is so user-friendly. I can create new document templates with the built-in custom fields, so I don’t have to start everything from the beginning."

Today, Kenneth practices law without any worries or concerns about data loss, a reality made possible through PracticePanther’s data migration. He leverages PracticePanther’s powerful features to manage his practice, resulting in heightened productivity and enhanced efficiency within his law firm.

Never Let Another Piece of Important Data Slip Through the Cracks with PracticePanther

As an attorney, not being able to access essential firm data can have a negative impact on every aspect of their practice. For Kenneth Temnor, this frustration was quickly resolved as he successfully reclaimed his lost data, and seamlessly onboarded with PracticePanther. The data migration process by PracticePanther not only offered a quick transition in just two days, but also paved the way for him to fully leverage the platform’s features. 

If you’re currently facing challenges with your law firm’s data or want to experience a smooth migration process, reach out to our team. Explore how PracticePanther’s features can reshape the way you practice law. 

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