PracticePanther vs. Clio for Legal Practice Management Software

If you want to leave the office early and use a software that fits your firm like a glove, then join the tens of thousands of legal professionals who choose PracticePanther over Clio.

See why legal professionals - like yourself - made the switch from Clio to PracticePanther.

Legal Pros Like You are Making the Switch!

“A lot of people use Clio because it's the default that people know about but if you do a little bit more research… PracticePanther is the better option. It does all the things that a firm wants to do when they sign up for Clio but they don't end up getting.”

- Valerie Church, Church Law Office

Biggest Bang for your Buck

At PracticePanther, we believe in a “what you see is what you get” pricing model. Clio takes pride in their add-on tool integrations and product suite, but those will cost you more - and trust us, they add up fast. PracticePanther builds your tools natively, so as soon as you walk through our door, your client portal, intake forms, and custom reports are there waiting for you to get started - at no extra cost.

Included in Monthly Subscription

Clio Manage


Custom Reporting

Customizable Client Portal

Dedicated Account Manager

SMS Alerts

Native Intake Forms

Live Training on All Plans

Automated Invoice Reminders

Take Client Satisfaction from 0 to 100

Your client is overwhelmed and needs you to solve what could be one of the most complicated situations of their life. Help them, help you. PracticePanther’s custom intake form templates come with a drag-and-drop editor to reduce human error. Our client automation tools enable you to make the payment process, trust account management, and communication seamless. 

Progressive Data Insights

The information you put into PracticePanther can be sliced and diced in ways you never could have imagined. And yes, this will save you a whole lotta time. With PracticePanther’s innovative tagging capabilities, you can create customized filters to uncover insights on specific types of contacts, expense reports, matters, meetings, invoices, time entries, tasks, etc.

Make the switch to the most trusted legal practice management software.

What Your Peers Have to Say

Thousands of legal professionals gave PracticePanther 5 out of 5 stars because they’re able to focus on what matters most - the law.


Capterra Review

“'I’ve used Amicus for 7 years, Clio for 3 years and MyCase for 2 years. PracticePanther beats them all. It's ease of use and intuitive interface saves me a bunch of time.”

Beats them all.


Capterra Review

“I tried all the competitors, MyCase, RocketMatters, Clio, etc...and this program is smarter and easier to use.”

Smarter and easier to use.

Bulk Batch...Everything

Ever done a lot of the same tasks, but hated manually documenting it all in one by one, by one, by one...we feel you. Through PracticePanther’s batch capabilities, you can intuitively automate and edit countless time entries, intake and expense forms, and practice-specific invoices, in a click or two.

Your Efficiency Just Got More Efficient

Have you ever stared at your computer trying to figure out which part of your firm is generating the most revenue? Through PracticePanther’s custom reporting, you can know which matters bring in the most cash, or break down the number of upcoming tasks per matter, so you know how to efficiently allocate your time and resources. Bottom line - you’ve got a lot going on. We’re here to help you simplify. 

Keep a Pulse on the Inner Workings of Your Firm

PracticePanther is more than just a software, it’s a live database connecting you to colleagues and clients so you can work from any device, at any time, anywhere. Our cloud gives you the power to do just about anything. Want to invite a new client to a consultation? How about getting an approval on a pending invoice? Or maybe you want to check in on the status of a matter? Here’s your opportunity. 


Capterra Review

“PracticePanther is always improving, and I have no doubt that it will surpass Clio in popularity. ”

Always improving!


Capterra Review

“It has a very aesthetically pleasing design that is pretty intuitive even for a lawyer who's not the best with technology.”

User-friendly and beautiful.

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Make the switch to the most trusted legal practice management software.

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