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Christopher DiSchino, Esq.

PracticePanther is a powerful software that provides a high level of flexibility with third-party platforms and unparalleled customer service.

Christopher DiSchino, Esq.

Christopher DiSchino, Esq.

Business Attorney at DiSchino & Company


PracticePanther versus CARET Legal



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Migrating data is never fun. CARET Legal users switching to PracticePanther get complementary assistance from our dedicated data migrations team. We make it easy for you to securely move your data.

Migration Consultation

Start with a one-on-one meeting with your dedicated Customer Onboarding Specialist to discuss the process and timelines.

Data Export / Processing

Our Migration Specialists will give you guidance on how best to export your data. They will then prepare your data to be imported.

Data Import / Review

Once the import is complete, our Migration Specialists review the accuracy of your data and make sure you’re ready to get started!




My favorite thing by far is the intuitive interface. You can’t overstate how important ease of use is in technology when it comes to legal professionals.

Ross D. Gardner

Business Attorney at The Law Office of Ross D. Gardner




PracticePanther anticipated my needs. There’s options for billing hourly, contingency, and more.

Julie Gafkay

Employment Attorney at Gafkay Law, PLC

track esignature in PracticePanther

Accelerate your document signing process with quick and secure eSignatures 

Say goodbye to wait times and roadblocks associated with paper-based document signing. With PracticePanther’s eSignature, you can quickly and efficiently create, send, and store an unlimited number of legally binding forms, agreements, and documents all in one centralized location. Enjoy a streamlined signing process and the convenience of accessing your documents anytime, anywhere.

PracticePanther Workflow

Customize workflow conditions and set tasks on autopilot

Reduce stress and concentrate on your work with PracticePanther’s conditional workflows. Simply set up your preferred scenarios and outcomes, and let PracticePanther handle creating and assigning out tasks, allowing you to concentrate on your cases with ease. 

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