As an owner and managing partner of a law firm, you have a lot on your plate. Not only are you responsible for your clients, but you’re also in charge of overseeing the entire business from marketing your law firm, billing, people management, and much more. Your day can quickly get out of hand if not managed properly, so it is important to have tools, like cloud practice management software, that keeps your law firm on the path to success. 

For Moze Cowper at Cowper Law LLP, having clear processes and tools to measure every aspect of his business is how he creates his path to success. This is especially important since Cowper Law LLP is a multi-state firm with six offices located in California, Florida, Texas, Washington, D.C., New Jersey, and Philadelphia. 

Moze spent the first 15 years of his legal career as a defense attorney representing some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world and was an in-house attorney at the largest biotech company in the world for over 10 years before opening his own law firm. Now, however, he exclusively does plaintiffs’ mass tort work and is leading or co-leading a number of federal and State MDLs around the country against pharmaceutical and medical device companies. 

Moze uses cloud practice management software to scale his practice and drives his rule, of “if you can measure it, you can manage it.” 

What advice would you give to other lawyers?

Moze: It is important to put in the time and work to become an expert in a specific area in the legal field. Whether it’s e-discovery, patents, antitrust, or trying cases, build a reputation of excellence in that one thing. 

Why did you become a lawyer?

Moze: I come from a long line of working-class folk. I saw the struggles that they went through and I wanted something more. The law seemed like a good way to fight for others while also helping to fight for a better station in life. I suspect most people of my generation would also not admit this: but it did not hurt that I grew up watching LA Law’s Arnie Becker — played by the incorrigible Corben Bernsen — driving a Porsche 911 Cabriolet down the 405 every day. 

What made you switch to PracticePanther?

Moze: Our firm initially used LexisNexis practice management platform. We started using it because we thought that a Lexis product would always be around. The software was discontinued two years after we adopted it. During those 2 years, we learned a lot about what we want in practice management software. 

How has PracticePanther solved a pain point in your practice?

Moze: Running a successful plaintiff mass tort practice is about building the right workflows and processes. If you can measure it; you can manage it. When you have over 5,000 mass tort clients, you need something you can scale. PracticePanther helps us scale and make business decisions that will support our growth. 

Which PracticePanther feature do you use the most?

Moze: Our favorite feature is the ability to tag clients, matters, notes, tasks – anything! We have a tag for almost everything in PracticePanther and it really helps us keep our work organized. In fact, I may tag this conversation.

What would you say to lawyers looking to adopt cloud practice management software?

Moze: In the words of Mr. Rogers, “take your time and do it right.” Don’t just use the platform every other firm may be using. You need to take your time, do the research and figure out what your needs are, then choose the platform that best meets those needs. For us, that was PracticePanther.

If you’re ready to gain a deeper understanding of your law firm’s performance and make more informed business decisions geared towards growth, you can book a custom demo and learn how PracticePanther can help your firm better measure success.

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