The social media revolution has made connecting with people easier than ever before. This connection, likewise, has made marketing easier if you know how to do it correctly. Advertising on social media platforms like Twitter is an art that requires you to learn several strategies on how to write a Tweet. However, a substantial guide for accurate and effective Twitter copy is too lengthy to include here. Instead, we will offer you an additional list of 5 FREE Twitter tools. These tools will help you to automatically find other users to follow, like their tweets, automatically re-tweet, and gain new targeted followers and clients.

1. Buffer

Buffer helps you schedule Tweets. Many of us do not have time to sit at our computers and post new content every hour on the hour. Buffer will do it for you.

  • Schedule tweets to post throughout the day – Put all of your tweets into Buffer and schedule what time each will be posted. This way there will be constant activity on your account, even when you are busy with other things. The more activity on your account, the more people will follow you.
  • Include images – Buffer will also pull an image from the content you post to increase the amount of attention your tweets gets.

2. ManageFlitter

The simplest way to grow your account and find content to connect to.

  • Find targeted accounts – To grow a targeted audience you need to post the right content. ManageFlitter will make it easy for you to find targeted content to connect with and avoid bad accounts like inactive or spam accounts.


This is another content curation tool that makes finding and posting content efficient and quick.

  • Automatically publish new content – If there is a source you always post content from, connect their RSS feed and will automatically create a tweet when the source publishes new content. You can even schedule when the tweet is posted by using Buffer.

4. TweetDeck

TweetDeck makes it faster and easier for you to find relevant content and conversations you want to be a part of.

  • Discover new content – When you create a column for each Twitter list or conversation you want to keep up with, TweetDeck will give you an overview of relevant tweets. You now have multiple conversations you can join in on that are relevant to what you post. Never be late to the party.
  • Monitor multiple timelines – You can track the activity on multiple timelines in real-time to participate in conversations and track reactions to posts.

5. StatusBrew

Sending automated direct messages can be an effective marketing tool. StatusBrew is an easy way to create automated messages without sounding robotic or spamming your followers.

  • Create and send custom messages – Messaging is a long trial and error process. You will have to change your message until you find the right combination of words to create a truly effective marketing message. Luckily, StatusBrew offers easy editing tools so you can write and rewrite your message until it is perfect. You can even add images to make your content more engaging.
  • Send the right message to the right people – You can customize your messages by category so the right people get the right message.
  • Monitor how your post is doing – You can track how well your posts perform to modify your marketing strategy. This way you will know what is working and what is not.


Larry Bodine: Go from absolute beginner to 1K+ followers in only 10 days.

Video Breakdown:

  • Why Twitter? There is greater opportunity for real-time interactions on Twitter. Only a handful of people will see Facebook posts, LinkedIn does not offer many conversations, and Google+ is bad for back and forth communication.
  • The Golden Rule: Respond, Reciprocate, Retweet. Treats other kindly, thank people for using their handle, and retweet people who retweet your tweets.
  • Keep track of who retweets you the most. See if you can get their followers to follow you. You want to connect with people who will be interested in your content.
  • Weed out people who do not follow you. Build a following by copying someone else’s followers and following their followers.
  • Find your high-value Twitter members; people who mention, retweet, & engage with you the most. Always thank them and mention the @names of Influencers, Engaged, and Supporters in a Tweet.
  • Automate when tweets go out so your account is always active, even when you are away from your computer.
  • Never tweet about a client’s matter or confidential information. Avoid controversial topics.
  • Use hashtags often. Use images to attract more attention.
  • Customize what you write to other. Don’t use the same lingo for a 20-year old that you would use for a 70-year-old.


Here were the tools discussed on the webinar:

  1.– Get advanced Twitter stats.
  2.– Follow and un-follow tool. Copy followers.
  3.– Helps find new people to follow.
  4.– Find and thank high value members in your account.
  5.– Schedule tweets at the best time for the most views.

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