To operate a successful law firm, you must invest in a marketing strategy to compete with other lawyers in the industry. “Selling yourself” does not always come naturally for all lawyers; however, with the right marketing tips, it does not require that you have an outgoing personality or a lot of money.

It does require that you put some thought into how you can market yourself and your law firm in a way that will attract new clients and keep current clients returning when they need legal services. The key to a successful marketing strategy is to focus on things that you do well.

Continue reading for cost-effective marketing tips for lawyers to grow their practice.

Resources for Law Firm Marketing

The below list offers some creative ways you can market your law firm using your strengths without breaking your advertising budget.

1. Write blogs that appeal to the average person

If you do not have a blog, begin one immediately but refrain from writing blogs aimed at other attorneys. Your blog should provide useful information to your target audience. For example, if you are a bankruptcy attorney, writing about bankruptcy exemptions will not attract as much attention as telling someone how they can protect their property from creditors. Write your blog as if you were telling a close family member how you can help them rather than trying to write a legal commercial aimed at someone with an advanced degree.

2. Skip holiday greeting cards

Many attorneys use the holidays to connect with their clients and potential clients; however, your card will simply be one of many. Instead, pick another occasion to reach out. For example, if your law firm is in Plant City, Florida, you may want to send a greeting card with a strawberry recipe to coincide with the annual Strawberry Festival. If you practice in Keystone, South Dakota, home of Mount Rushmore, maybe send a greeting card celebrating President’s Day. The key is to pick a local event or holiday to celebrate so people will associate you with your location.

3. Collect business cards and send your information later

Handing your business card to potential contacts at meetings or other functions usually results in your cards being thrown in the trash or tossed in a desk drawer and forgotten. Instead, collect business cards from other attendees and send your information to each person by email or “snail” mail within a few days.

4. Use social media strategically

If you do not have a social media presence, you need one. If you are uncomfortable using social media, hire a professional or even an intern to post consistent content for you. Facebook and LinkedIn are typically the platforms lawyers gravitate to, but many lawyers find success on Twitter, Instagram, or even TikTok. Social media is a powerful tool for both networking, marketing, lead generation, and connecting with clients on a personal level — it should not be ignored.

5. Extend professional courtesy across practice areas

Other attorneys who do not practice in the same area of law as you practice are fantastic referral sources. If another attorney or his family needs professional assistance, consider taking the case for free. This is an easy way to gain referrals in the future.

6. Offer your services as a speaker

Speaking engagements are the same as free advertising, provided you offer valuable information in an entertaining fashion. If you are comfortable with public speaking, seek out speaking engagements to market yourself and your law firm.

7. Join professional groups and organizations

Regardless of how long you have been in practice, networking is still an important marketing tool for lawyers.  Join local, state, and national organizations and groups related to the practice of law or your specific area of law. Do not just join — be an active participant.

8. Teach a continuing legal education seminar or a free course at a local community college

Teaching a CLE or volunteering to teach a course at your local community college is a wonderful way to market yourself. Not only are you speaking to the individuals attending the seminar or the classes, but your name will also be on the materials available for purchase before and after the CLE and course.

9. Volunteer in the community

Volunteering in your community is an excellent way to give back to the community, help others, and to market your law firm. Volunteering opens the door to countless opportunities to network and discuss what you do for a living while you are serving food, cleaning up a park, helping seniors, or delivering meals to shut-ins. You could also offer services pro bono to support the community.

10. Use the local news and media outlets to your advantage

Pay attention to news stories in your community. If you have genuine expertise in an area related to local news, offer to answer questions or provide information on the subject matter. Let reporters and others know you are willing to be a “source” for more information related to trending news stories.

Marketing Best Practices for Lawyers to Keep In Mind

  • Don’t limit yourself to just networking with other attorneys. Broaden your network to include anyone related to your area of law or other influential legal professionals.
  • Be intentional about your social media or blog posts. Everything you place online must speak directly to potential clients and provide information that makes them want to get more information.
  • Hire a marketing professional to support you. Whether you don’t have the time or simply don’t know where to start, a professional can help create a marketing strategy for your firm.

Implement These Marketing Tips for Lawyers

Every attorney can and should do something to market their law firm. Use your strengths and/or hire a law firm marketing professional to get your name out there to bring in new business. The key to any of your marketing tactics is the follow-up. Creating processes like automated intake forms or a legal CRM to quickly capture information will make transitioning leads to clients seamless.

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