Facebook for lawyers is much more than just a social media platform—it can be a powerful tool for your law firm. Whether or not you already use the network for personal connections, you should seriously consider using it to promote your business. 

Why? Well, the platform has nearly three billion active users worldwide, many of whom are likely right in your neighborhood. 

As a lawyer, you have the credentials, knowledge, and experience you need to succeed, but getting your name out there can help you grow your client list exponentially. Understanding why and how to use Facebook to promote your law firm is critical to maximizing your efforts. 

Facebook as a professional networking platform

Business pages are not the same as individual pages on Facebook—they’re more like online storefronts than social spaces. Your law firm can display pertinent practice information, like your address, phone number, hours of operation, and any other facts you’d like potential clients to know. 

Yes, you can also include all this information on your website but creating and updating a Facebook page is completely free

Your Facebook business page will also allow you to: 

  • Instantly communicate through messenger. With a Facebook page, you can connect with your audience through their messenger feature. Automate messages to those who visit your business page, provide new client FAQs through automation, or set away messages during off-hours. This integration can provide increased engagement and lead info. 
  • Display upcoming events. You can create Facebook events through your page to promote community initiatives, marketing events, or educational webinars put on by your firm. The platform allows you to invite the entire network of users who have “liked” your page. 
  • Provide educational information. Share informational videos, infographics, or blog posts with your audience through the Facebook platform. Posting this legal content will not only confirm your attorneys as experts in the field but will help build relationships with potential clients. 
  • Collect information. Through Facebook polls and other post features, you can collect pertinent information from those interested in your firm. Questions to consider might be asking your followers which legal situation they fear most, what topic they’d like you to cover in your next blog post, or which day of the week works best for an open house. 
  • Create Facebook ads. The ability to promote your business and target your ideal audience through Facebook ads is one of the most powerful perks of the platform. This strategy will be discussed in further detail. 

Create a Facebook business account

If you haven’t done so already, establish a business page on Facebook. Simply head to the Facebook Business Suite and create an account. Enter your business information, upload a professional profile photo, then decide on a call-to-action you’d like interested parties to take. As a lawyer, your desired call-to-action might be a visit to your website, send you a message through your contact page, or enter lead information. 

With a Facebook page, anyone on the platform can discover and like or follow your page. The more people who know about you, the better. But you really want to target individuals who will utilize your services. 

This is where targeted Facebook ads come in. 

Facebook for lawyers: consider using ads

Facebook ads are paid ads that target your ideal client based on a number of different criteria. The typical Facebook user clicks on about 11 Facebook ads each month, and because they’re so targeted, the conversion rate is typically high with these ads. 

Law firms are using Facebook ads to increase website traffic and increase their online presence. But, in order to be successful with Facebook ads, it’s important to keep some key points in mind. 

Establish ad campaign goals 

Get incredibly clear on what you want to accomplish from your ad campaign. Determine specific goals and how you’ll measure those goals through key performance indicators (KPIs). Bear in mind that you likely won’t see immediate results. 

Target your ideal audience 

You want clients interested in utilizing your law firm’s services to see your ad, so how will you get it in front of the right eyes? Facebook offers targeting options based on your target audience’s profile information, job title, location, and demographic details. Target your audience down to their relationship status or interests. 

Although you may think it’s beneficial to cast a wide net, try to be as specific and relevant as possible to the people you want to see your law firm’s page. Track who is seeing your ad on Facebook’s Audience Insights, then modify your targeted information as needed. 

Include multimedia 

The more engaging your ad, the better. Not only should your headline draw attention, but you should include high-quality photos or videos to attract your audience. Video marketing is on the rise as videos arguably capture the attention of users more readily than text or even photos. 

When creating a video ad, consider the following tips: 

  • Include closed captioning. Nearly 90% of videos on Facebook are watched without the audio on. Be sure to include closed captioning or subtitles to keep the attention of those who watch without sound. 
  • Be brief. Keep your video short and sweet. Share pertinent details in a short period of time to keep your audience engaged and avoid them leaving before they reach the final call to action. 
  • End with a CTA. Let your audience know what action you’d like them to take at the end of the video ad. Examples include, “Click on the link to visit our website,” “Register here for a case evaluation,” “Let us know what legal help you need by sending us a discreet, private message.” Be specific about what they should click and what they should complete. 

Optimize for mobile 

About 80% of Facebook users access the platform exclusively through a mobile device. Test your ad and ensure it’s optimized for mobile. If any words are cut off, the image doesn’t rotate properly in horizontal and vertical views, or the video subtitles are difficult to read on a mobile device, you’ll have to reassess the ad and optimize it for viewing on a smartphone. 

Maximize your law firm’s reach with Facebook 

Facebook for lawyers is a great way to connect with new clients and deepen your relationship with existing clientele. A network that was once used exclusively by college students is now a professional online space where you can engage with your ideal audience. By targeting those who are in need of your legal services, you can contribute to the improvement and growth of society. 

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