Practicing law requires tremendous time and effort, but that effort should be put into winning your cases, not running your firm. Inefficient operations not only cost you lost revenue, but they can also result in burnt-out and unmotivated staff. If modernizing your operations to become a legal powerhouse sounds as daunting as passing the bar, we’re here to adjust that assumption and alleviate the strain on you and your staff. 

Get a grasp on the peaks and pits of your processes (2:20) 

Becoming a legal powerhouse doesn’t happen overnight. It begins by taking a good look at your processes and adapting. What’s historically kept your firm above water for years may not be efficient and could be silently costing you time, money, and the client experience. Once you’ve identified areas for improvement, you need to adopt a new system or software that can manage these tasks in the background for you. Automation is a great tool that can streamline your operations from client intake, billing, matter management, and beyond. 

Stay on track with custom workflows and tags (5:12)

Lead generation and client intake are two vital, but time-consuming components to running a successful law practice. Busy lawyers don’t have time to fill out paper client intake forms and then create a client profile or track down where a lead came from. Automated client intake makes the process virtually seamless. The enhanced tagging feature within PracticePanther takes this one step further. For example, if you refer clients to other attorneys, you can create a contact for that attorney and custom tag. You can then report on what attorneys you’re referring the most clients to and reference the relationship progression or status with that client. 

Easily maximize your billable hours (9:51) 

Lawyers lose thousands of dollars in unaccounted billable time by having improper processes of tracking their time. When it comes to your hard work and money, there should be minimal yield for error. Using legal case management software tools like the MoneyFinder feature assists busy attorneys by helping them gain the 1-2 hours typically lost from billing errors. You can quickly see what tasks have been completed and log your time in a few seconds if it’s missing.

Keeping track of clients and their information is another source of lost billable time. With the client portal, you can create workflows to send reminders for meetings or payments, assign tasks or share files. The best part, any communication or stored information is all tied back to the client’s matter so it’s always organized and easily accessible.

Cutdown on billing with smart integrations (12:11) 

PracticePanther offers full accounting integration with Quickbooks online. This means that any billing work done within PracticePanther automatically posts to your firm’s Quickbooks. This streamlined connection helps improve your firm’s billing, limiting the need to enter information manually into QuickBooks and risking the opportunity for errors. 

In addition to PracticePanther’s free training and support, we also partner with consultants, like Claire Barnes with Integrated Visions. She’s fully certified in the PracticePanther platform and can support law firms in migration, implementation, and customization. Claire and her team complete a full needs analysis of your firm to gain an understanding of what your firm needs and creates a plan to help you move in the right direction when integrating PracticePanther into your firm. This partnership saves your firm time, money, frustration and minimizes any transition humps to get your firm up and running in a few days.

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Successful law firms know the secret to becoming a legal powerhouse and advancing is to always be adaptable. Learn the full benefits of automation by watching the full recording that goes into the above topics. Fill out the form to access the recording below.

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