legal case management software for labor law attorneys

Legal Case Management Software for Labor Law Attorneys


Labor law is a type of law that regulates the relationships built between employees, the government, and trade unions. This type of law is mainly concerned with the rights  of unionized employees. Many employees choose to work through a union because they find it more beneficial to themselves, since it allows them to negotiate their rights as a group rather than individually. Labor law also deals with the set of standards for working conditions and wage laws.




4 Situations that Mean you Should Consult with a Labor Law Attorney:

  • You quit, or are considering quitting your job because of your boss’s unlawful conduct
  • Your’e worried that you’re being treated unethically in your workplace (threatened, harassed, etc.)
  • You have evidence that your termination was illegal
  • You and a group of your employees want to make a claim against your boss


If you’re ever in any of these situations we advise that you do seek out the guidance of a labor law attorney to help you evaluate your options-before it’s too late. Something that many people lack when trying to create a case against their manager/workplace is evidence. You must have evidence or a witness that can prove your claim otherwise it will just be your word against your managers, which unfortunately, might not get you very far.




As an attorney, your primary concern is your client and building the best case for them. Being an attorney can get overwhelming at times, therefore it is vital that you figure out how you can work more efficiently to save as much time as possible on petty things like filing paper – am I right or am I right? Hence, implementing a legal case management software will be the best decision you ever made throughout your entire professional career- we promise! Using a legal case management software will allow you to become more organized, save you time, and will prevent you from having to be on the phone with your client 24/7 answering all of their questions since everything will be uploaded directly on the legal case management software for their viewing. This will allow you to save more time that could be spent on other cases AKA, making more money. Many attorneys and firms these days are choosing to use legal case management softwares to help run their work. PracticePanther is a legal case management software that offers many great features that will make your life as a lawyer so much easier.

This legal case management software has features such as notifications, calendar integration and email integration. For example, the notification feature on the legal case management software allows both the client and the attorney to see exactly what the other is doing on the legal case management software for example, “John Smith created an invoice for $250 just now” which allows both parties to always know what’s going on. PracticePanther also allows you to merge your email and calendar on the legal case management software so that you won’t ever have to insert a double entry again! Whether you’re a labor law attorney or a family law attorney, using a legal case management software will only benefit you!

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