how the internet can help you start a law firm

Don’t believe the skeptics – technology really can make you a better lawyer. Technology is more important for lawyers than ever, and avoiding it will only put you at a disadvantage. 89% of lawyers use mobile to check their emails, allowing them to maintain better communication with their clients and colleagues.


Beyond email, 58% of lawyers use Dropbox to access their data and files on their laptop and mobile devices wherever they are, and only 22.6% of attorneys have no social media presence. This is all according to the American Bar Association’s Technology Survey in 2014.


This trend is only getting bigger, and by embracing it yourself, you can improve your performance (and reputation!) as a lawyer.


Efficiency is Key


A small-town attorney working with his or her local community does a commendable job, and they may assume that they’re efficient – but compared to modern attorneys making use of technology and software, they’re far from it.


Using modern technology, and software solutions like PracticePanther, makes it easier to file papers, find documents and track progress on a number of cases. PracticePanther’s software allows you to access all your files on the go, share files with colleagues and view important notes wherever you are in the world.
Keep Communicative


Communication is extremely important to your clients, and it’s equally important for you and your colleagues. Whether it’s through email, case management software from PracticePanther, or even instant messaging services, you’ll be able to keep your colleagues informed about new cases, new information and client problems.

Communication with your clients also instills trust, and shows the people that you work for that you’re dedicated to their case. By embracing this new technology, you can update your clients on their case, keep them informed about your work, and answer any questions they might have during the process.


More Transparent Billing


Many law firms are moving away from hourly billing and charging per case, but if you’re sticking with the classic billing system, technology can make it more transparent.


To keep your big clients returning to you, and to create a reputation of reliability and honesty that will bring new people to you, consider making all your billing totally transparent.


Using modern technology and legal software, you can document your work in detail, showing your clients exactly where their money is being spent. You can show what time you have spent on their case, and how you spent it.


Social Media Spreads Your Message


Finally, remember that social media is a key tool for getting your message across to potential new clients. Through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, you can show the hard work that your team does and even discuss past victories.


Social media also helps show your company’s ‘personal’ side, allowing you to post photographs of your team, updates and well wishes to all your followers, colleagues, clients and friends.



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