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Lawyers are some of the busiest people on the planet, oftentimes working way more than the standard 40 hours a week. As that work piles up, it can be easy to keep your phone on silent in an effort to reduce distractions, however, this could end up being a grave mistake. 

First impressions matter, and if you’re too busy to answer the phone, potential clients looking for help from your firm will simply call someone else. In fact, 67% of clients base their decision to hire on a law firm based on their initial responsiveness. Don’t let the phone ring to voicemail.

In this live stream recording, “Reduce Interruptions and Improve Client Experience,” PracticePanther’s Head of Sales Sam Alkoubey, and’s Product Marketing Manager, Kelsey Johnson, discuss the benefits of using a 24/7 virtual receptionist service in order to improve lead capture, screen callers, gather client information, and give you back time in your busy day. 

Consumer buying statistics and the law firm sales funnel (6:40)

Practicing law means you need to be hyper-focused on your customer service. It can be demanding to keep up with the pace without proper tools in place — 89% of consumers expect an immediate response to a customer service issue. If you’re focused on nurturing your leads through your sales funnel in order to ultimately retain them, will you also be able to drop everything to help your clients in need? Kelsey explains the ins and outs of using a 24/7 virtual receptionist to screen your calls to start them down your sales funnel.

Tips on implementing automation into your practice (14:30)

While your cases may be different in nature, the steps you take as an attorney throughout the process should generally remain consistent. By implementing automation tools into your daily work, you’ll save hours each month without the hassle of actively managing your calendar, responding to every email, and updating your task list. 

Importance of logging calls and chats (23:20)

The more diligent you are when logging your calls and chats, the more responsive you can be when trouble arises. Additionally, you can set up automatic workflows after a call has ended based on the necessary next steps? Does your client need a 15-minute consultation? Perfect, just set them into your custom meeting workflow and your client will be booked on your calendar instantly, leaving you with more time to prepare. Sam walks through the basics of setting up your call logging so you can refer to them during the consultation for the clearest picture of your client’s needs. 

Why you should be using tags (27:14)

Do you have an accurate picture of your firm’s practice areas? Do you know which one is more profitable, or which one requires more marketing in order to really take off? Using the custom tags feature within PracticePanther lets you see a holistic view of your firm’s health. Some unique tags our users like to establish are for different courthouses, jurisdictions, or geographical locations. 

Using workflows to streamline client intake (34:00) 

Congratulations, you’ve successfully entered into an agreement with a new client! You spent tons of time talking with them and making them feel comfortable about your practice, now you need to simultaneously onboard them, while also nurturing your other clients through your funnel (in a timely manner) but how can one person do it all at once? The secret sauce is in your workflow. Sam and Kelsey end the live stream discussing the importance of setting quality workflows so you can continue to stay on top of your client’s needs. 

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