How Automation Features Just Made Connecticut’s Attorneys Lives EasierPracticePanther, the world’s highest-rated law practice management software, recently announced its new member benefit relationship with the Connecticut Bar association. By offering an exclusive discount to all members of the Connecticut Bar, PracticePanther has made it easier than ever for attorneys in the Constitution State to access its world-class automation features and integrations. With this powerful connection between PracticePanther and the Connecticut Bar in place, legal professionals in the state – and beyond – have exclusive, discounted access to the software platform’s round-the-clock support, ever-updating features, and dedicated account management services.

What’s in it for Connecticut’s Attorneys

PracticePanther’s inclusion as a member benefit with the Connecticut Bar extends beyond an exclusive discount: it provides attorneys with the highest quality of support in running their firms and automating their workload. “PracticePanther is the highest-rated law practice management platform for a reason,” says David Bitton, CMO. “There is a dedication to customer satisfaction that is woven into the code of the software itself, that extends to every interaction our team has with our users. It’s a remarkable platform run by remarkable people, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome the Connecticut Bar into this family.” With this new relationship, the Connecticut Bar joins an array of other state and local bar associations who have become part of the Panther family and explored its incomparable automation features.

Automation Features just made Customizable Billing and Invoicing that much easier.

The nature of law is versatile and unpredictable. PracticePanther offers its users an array of payment structures, from time tracking to flat fees and contingency, as well as easily customizable invoice templates depending on the needs of a specific case.

Automated intake and workflows

With PracticePanther, Connecticut attorneys have the option of embedding customized intake forms into their firm’s website. When a prospective client submits an intake form, their information is directly populated into a new Contact in PracticePanther. Whether a new Contact or Matter is created through a custom invoice or manually, PracticePanther allows its users to activate customized workflows. These populate all of the relevant deadlines and events associated with a case onto the calendars of all relevant professionals within your firm.

Incomparable security features

In this day and age, with technological innovations – and invasion – being the name of the game, it is of the utmost importance to keep the information entrusted to your firm safe. Connecticut attorneys now have access not only to PracticePanther’s 256-bit security encryption but also to its custom security roles and IP address-based restrictions.

The tip of the iceberg

PracticePanther’s announcement of its member benefit relationship with the Connecticut Bar gives attorneys in the state unprecedented value in accessing its world-class features and support. Though the aforementioned features provide only the smallest glimpse into the capabilities of this powerful platform, legal professionals throughout Connecticut now have more reason than ever to learn more.

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