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Manage your contacts and matters with ease.



Keep track of all your contact and matter details like name, number, address, email, notes, tasks, events, invoices, payments, and more.

Don't get a bar complaint. Get organized.

Assigned To

Never forget to follow up again. Add unlimited lists and tags.

Group your contacts and cases into different tags and lists to keep track of cases by practice area, or which marketing campaigns brought the most clients. All of it using the industry's best legal case management software for law firms.


Know what’s happening 24/7. "Follow" any contact or matter.

Click the “Follow” button to get real-time alerts for new activity on a contact or matter. See when a payment was made, when a note was entered, when an invoice is overdue, and more.

Organize your contacts and matters.

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Billing and Evergreen

Don’t work for free ever again. Get paid before you continue.

You can now create an “Evergreen Retainer Alert” when running out of money in the trust account. Set your minimum budget and stop working until your client replenishes their retainer.


Stay connected. Track history. Add notes in the news feed.

Lack of communication is a leading cause of bar complaints. Add notes in the news feed and make sure nothing gets lost or forgotten. Increase collaboration and communicate efficiently.

Manage accounts

Don’t miss deadlines

Stay informed

Don’t miss deadlines

Import from anywhere

Track statute of limitations.

Custom fields

Conflict search

Set deadline reminders.

See matter closed date.

Use on document templates.

Monitor case status.

Trust to operating transfers.

Run a conflict search.

Find any contact or matter.

Import from any software.

Follow matters & clients.

Save phone numbers.

Track last edited history.

Unlimited custom fields.

Email and mailing addresses.

Different fields like text or dates.

Operating & trust accounts.

Store contact info

Collect retainer payments.

Store contact info

Link contacts to matters.

Add time entries & expenses.

See who is part of every case.

More benefits included with PracticePanther:

Tasks, events, bills, payments.

Import from anywhere

Files, call logs, emails, notes.

All-in-one software

Stay informed

Hourly, flat rate, contingency.

Custom rates for each user.

Custom fields

Custom matter rates.

Flexible billing rates

Flexible billing rates
Manage accounts

Upload contacts from Excel.

Add from Gmail or Outlook.

Every feature you ever wanted.








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