5 free twitter tools

The number 1 reason most lawyers don’t use Twitter – it’s too time consuming and doesn’t show a positive ROI. Instead of giving you concepts and ideas on how you should be tweeting better like every other generic article, below is a list of 5 (plus 2 bonus) tools, you can use for FREE, to automatically find other users to follow, like their tweets, automatically re-tweet, and most importantly – gain new targeted followers and clients!


1. Roundteam.co

A very simple but powerful website used to help you find interesting tweets that you can automatically re-tweet to all of your followers for high-quality natural content, forever.

  • Automatically retweet based on hashtags – If someone was tweeting for #legalsoftware for example, you might see PracticePanther automatically re-tweet it. Set this up 1 time, and let it run forever.
  • Automatically retweet @ mentions – If someone tweets @PracticePanther, we will automatically re-tweet it.



2. TwitterFeed

This one requires a little bit more computer knowledge to setup but if done correctly, it can Tweet for you continuously every single day.

  • Automatically tweet news and content – Mostly every website and blog has something called an RSS feed. Most of the time you can find it by adding /RSS or /feed to the entire of the website name. For example, try looking at https://www.practicepanther.com//feed – this will show you what seems to be computer jargon and code but it’s actually all of the posts from our blog. Once you create a free account on TwitterFeed, you can add our RSS feed to your account which will automatically tweet a message whenever there is a new blog post. If you like what we, or other blogs offer – link to their RSS feed so you can share the content with your followers, automatically.



3. Tweepi

As you can tell with the number of bullet points listed below, Tweepi is one of the most powerful Twitter tools online. To unlock most of them however, you will need to sign up for their premium plans, which are well worth the small investment!

  1. Find twitter followers not following you back – Followed many people but they haven’t followed back? Give them a shout…or…unfollow them!
  2. Find twitter followers YOU are not following back – Received some love but not sharing it in return? Follow your followers!
  3. Find Twitter followers not active – Someone not tweeting for 6 months? Stop following them…
  4. Find new people to follow based on their bio description or tweets – VERY powerful! Searches for any twitter user based on their bio description or any keyword you specify.
  5. Search for tweets based on location and keyword – Even more powerful if you’re trying to find someone in a specific location.
  6. Unfollow users you followed more then x days ago that have not followed you back – If you’ve followed over 500 people lately and want to unfollow everyone that has not followed you back in a certain number of days (whatever you choose), this will do the trick.



4. Pluggio

Another great tool that requires little setup and almost 0 maintenance.

  1. Automatically find people to follow – Type in search terms of people you are looking for and let their search engine automatically do the work. You must be logged in for this to work, but it’s rather accurate!
  2. Send direct messages automatically – Set it once and forget it. Create a message to automatically send to every new follower, for example, “Thanks for the follow! Let me know how we can help.”
  3. Post content from RSS feeds – This is a paid feature. It tweets content from an RSS feed, very similar to what Roundteam does for free, with a few bonuses.
  4. Schedule messages in bulk – This is a paid feature. Automatically schedule a ton of tweets to post automatically. Similar to what Hootsuite does for free, with a few differentiating features.



5. Twitfox

One of the easiest programs you will ever setup in your life. It just works! Highly recommend creating a free account to test it out.

  1. Automatically favorite tweets based on content – If someone is using a certain hashtag or mentioning your Twitter name, it can automatically favorite their tweet. They have a free and premium plan.




No – that is not a typo and you read it correctly, this site is called IFTTT (acronym for “If this then that”). IF you do a certain action on the internet, THEN it will help do another action for you automatically.

  1. If you post on Instagram, then automatically post to Twitter – Connect your Instagram and Twitter accounts to automatically post your new content to Twitter.
  2. If you post on Facebook, then automatically post to Twitter – Same with Facebook.
  3. View all Twitter recipes – They have hundreds if not thousands of examples other people created, so take a look and get creative (hey, that ryhmes!).





7. BONUS #2: Hootsuite.com

Most of you have probably heard of Hootsuite, but if you haven’t – RUN over there to sign up for a free account asap!

  1. Automatically schedule posts to Twitter – Feeling like a writer today? Spend an hour scheduling tons of tweets and schedule them to automatically post to Twitter.
  2. Schedule posts to any social network – Same as above, but also allows you to schedule posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and more, all at the exact same time.