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Legal time tracking software made easy.

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Track every billable expense. Save pictures of every receipt.

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Use the iPhone or Android app to save your billable expenses.Keep detailed records. Get reimbursed.

You can track time on one device, then seamlessly move onto another. Start from your computer and continue from your phone.

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Track time and expenses with ease. Stay connected with visual reports.

You can now stay on top of your firm with easy-to-read visual reports on time and expenses by: user, matter, category or client.

Who billed the most hours last week? Run weekly or monthly competitions.

Need to pay attorneys or paralegals by the number of hours billed? Want to see how everyone compares? Run a report in 1 click.

Track your progress

Get paid on time

Prevent under-billing

Convert time into invoices.

Turn expenses into invoices.

Track hours spent on a case.

Compare hours billed weekly.

One click to start or stop.

Legal time tracking & expense features.

Timer works on any device.

Pause & continue timer.

Which case is taking up time?

Easy to use timer

Over 20 reports built-in.

See time/expenses by case.

Monthly comparison reports.

Export any report to excel.

Track non-billable expenses.

Manage firm overhead.

Advanced reporting

Export all expenses to excel.

Track company expenses

Show client detailed notes.

Different rates for each user.

Give access to client portal.

Show expenses with receipts.

Custom rates per matter.

Client transparency

Track attorneys & paralegals.

Flexible hourly rates

Custom expense categories.

Track every second of time.

Use UTBMS codes by the ABA.

Make taxes a breeze.

Find unbilled time/expenses.

Categorized expenses

Bill and log phone calls.

Your time is valuable. Don’t give it away for free. Keep track of all your time entries & expenses.

Every feature you ever wanted.





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