How PracticePanther’s Automation Helps Slingbaum Law Complete Cases 25% Faster

“PracticePanther is not only a necessity but it’s one of the best purchases my firm has made. It’s paid for itself a thousand times over already. My cases move much faster, which leads to happier clients, more referrals, more money, and a higher quality of life for me and my team.”

Matthew Slingbaum

Founding Partner

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Personal Injury, Malpractice


Hollywood, FL


Matthew Slingbaum, a personal injury and malpractice attorney with over 20 years of experience, is the founding partner of Slingbaum Law. His small, hybrid firm routinely handles high-volume caseloads and maintains frequent client communication. While initially relying on his team to manually upload case data to a Word document, Matthew found it overwhelming to keep track of his firm’s caseload. As a result, Matthew turned to PracticePanther, which saves him 15+ hours a week by providing workflow automation and case management; drastically improving his visibility into case status and team collaboration.

Overhauling Manual Malpractice Case Processes with PracticePanther’s Case Management

Matthew’s personal experience of having his early sports career derailed by medical malpractice led to building a practice dedicated to helping clients and families find answers in negligence and misconduct cases. In addition to working on complex personal injury cases, his small practice is now one of the leading referral partners of the largest firms in Florida seeking help with the increasing amount of medical malpractice and nursing home negligence cases.

His team initially relied on manually uploading and storing all incoming client intake information, text-sent photo evidence, and case notes in a massive Word Document. However, Matthew found it difficult to stay organized and on top of every new and active case. 

This reality prompted a search for a better solution. Matthew found PracticePanther, where the case management customization stood out as a big step toward improving client and team collaboration. PracticePanther’s case management features provided his team with a centralized platform to update contact information and case details asynchronously.


“Our cases are moving along much faster and more efficiently with PracticePanther. Clients are moving from case initiation to case conclusion around 25% faster than before just because the team can easily access key data and shared notes with the platform.”

Matthew Slingbaum

Founding Partner

PracticePanther’s Workflow Automation Saves Slingbaum Law 15+ Hours a Week

PracticePanther’s workflow automation enables the hybrid team to stay on top of case progress while streamlining Matthew’s ability to view the status of every case at a glance — replacing the manual effort of digging into individual files and emails to confirm case statuses before.

“PracticePanther’s task workflows have saved me literally hours every night. Allowing me to see what the team has completed and quickly check on the status of any case without having to dig into individual files or track back in email. Conservatively, I’m saving a minimum of 15 hours a week, but probably more than that.”

Additionally, PracticePanther’s two-way business texting significantly impacted his client experience and case efficiency. This collaborative functionality has made it simple for clients to submit photo evidence to one place at their convenience and for the team to upload those photos to the client’s case file automatically.

“A large percentage of our malpractice cases involve a lot of photos sent to us. Before PracticePanther, there was no easy way to keep track of pictures sent and ensure that they made it to the case file. PracticePanther’s collaborative texting and file sync has been a big advantage in preventing any potential loss of documented evidence.”

Overcoming Client Intake Bottlenecks with PracticePanther’s Document Management

Another deciding factor for Matthew was the ability to templatize all important documents and auto-fill client data to streamline client intake and casework. Before PracticePanther, the process of transferring new client information into their system caused friction.

“In a high-volume practice like ours, PracticePanther’s ability to create and auto-populate document templates with client data saves us an inordinate amount of time. What took staff members around 40 minutes to populate a new intake packet or case document before, can now be done in less than 5 minutes.”

On top of auto-filled document templates, PracticePanther’s reporting capabilities enabled his team to quickly check the statute of limitations for every new client and case. This addition to their intake automation added a layer of firm protection and put Matthew’s mind at ease.

Slingbaum Law Finds PracticePanther’s Ease Of Use and Support Unrivaled

In addition to workflow automation and case status visibility, Matthew prioritized ease of use and customer support above all else. The team has found PracticePanther’s intuitiveness to be a marked improvement compared to other practice management platforms they’ve tried in the past. The firm has also taken full advantage of the onboarding and ongoing training experience.

“Having used a few practice management tools in the past, PracticePanther is much more user-friendly and easier to figure out. I’m not the most tech-savvy, but it only took me a day or two to navigate the whole platform. Our team loves our dedicated customer success manager and the training she provides any time we need it.”

Complete Cases Faster & Deliver Improved Client Experiences with PracticPanther’s Case Management Automation

After deploying PracticePanther, Matthew and his team leveraged case management and workflow automation to easily collect client information, quickly verify case status, and ensure submitted evidence and key case notes were properly stored in one centralized place. Resulting in efficiency increases and collaboration improvements across the entire practice.

If you’re interested in seeing how PracticePanther’s case management and automation can boost your firm’s efficiency, reach out to our team. Explore how PracticePanther’s features can reshape the way you practice law!

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