Automate, delegate, & accelerate your task management

Ever feel like you’re constantly racing the clock? We help you conquer today’s to-do list and get home for dinner on time.

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Hello deadlines, goodbye mistakes

Missing a deadline is never feels great. So why take the chance? PracticePanther’s automated workflows keep you and your whole staff stay on track and on time.

PracticePanther dashboard showing task management

Kickstart your day while brushing your teeth

As soon as you wake up, we show you what lies ahead. You see your day at a glance, and your staff sees theirs – everybody knows what to expect. Have an extra cup of coffee. You have time.

PracticePanther dashboard showing task management

More efficiency, fewer headaches

Know exactly what’s been done – and what hasn’t. Our easy-to-read task management dashboard lets you know when a goal is scored or a ball is dropped.

So much to do, so little time

Your time is expensive. Why waste it on boring tasks? Our software saves you from the tedium of day-to-day routine, so you can go out and do what you do best – practice law.

PracticePanther dashboard showing task management
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Focus on the law, not the paperwork

You didn’t spend all those years in law school to send reminders to clients and draft invoices. Ditch the repetitive tasks and spend more time in the courtroom.

See why lawyers love PracticePanther

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My favorite thing by far is the intuitive interface. You can’t overstate how important ease of use is in technology when it comes to legal professionals.

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Ross D. Gardner

Business Attorney at The Law Office of Ross D. Gardner

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Law practice management software made easy

We help you do right by your clients and get you home for dinner on time. Win-win.

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