We’re thrilled to announce an exciting development for every member of our PracticePanther family: the PracticePanther-Zapier integration. As part of our everlasting endeavor to make our software as easy-to-use and intuitive as possible, we offer all of our subscribers access to Zapier, an extraordinary resource through which PracticePanther integrates with over 1,000 different platforms. The beauty of Zapier, and of our software’s integration with it, lies in its ease of use and simplicity; in just a few clicks, even the most technologically averse professionals are able to have countless apps in the palms of their hands. Read on to find out more about how this is done, and about how you can harness the formidable power of Zapier through the unparalleled functionality of PracticePanther.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a platform from which the services of thousands of apps can be harnessed directly. With our newly revamped open API, PracticePanther has connected with Zapier, which serves as a middle-man connection between our platform and thousands of others. This is incredibly useful because it allows lawyers to harness the very specific tools they might need to access through our software, instead of having to work their way around it to receive all of the services necessary to run their practice. Our aim is to make lawyers’ lives easier, and our integration with Zapier makes that objective even easier for us to achieve.

AP-what? How it All Works

With this integration, the data you want to populate into other platforms is transferred into and out of PracticePanther through what are called “Zaps,” which are the means by which data from PracticePanther is routed through to Zapier. Once the Zaps make that initial connection, they then pass on your PracticePanther data from Zapier to the tertiary app whose services you require. Zaps also work backward within this process, allowing data from third-party websites to be sent to PracticePanther. Configuring this integration to connect to your preferred app is simple, and one of our Trainers or Dedicated Account Managers would be more than happy to walk you through the process.

ZIY: Zap It Yourself!

If you’d like to see how it works for yourself, here are some workflows to help you get started:

OK, But Is it Safe?

Absolutely. Any amount of data you send to and from PracticePanther through Zapier at any given time is transferred over an encrypted HTTPS connection. This means that the connection is always thoroughly secured.

Maximal Efficiency is Just a Zap Away

In our perennial aim to maximize lawyers’ productivity, PracticePanther wants to ensure that our app is a connection to, and never a barrier for, all of the platforms you need to maximize your productivity. Zapier is an incredibly effective tool for ensuring that all your bases are covered by PracticePanther The best part? It offers our clients connectivity plans for absolutely free, as well as additional plans should you wish to upgrade your subscription. For a minimal (or altogether nonexistent) price, you’re able to have a considerable portion of the cyberworld at your fingertips. Happy zapping!

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