PracticePanther is thrilled to announce the release of the new book, The Secrets to Marketing and Automating Your Law Practice, written by our very own CEO, David Bitton. With contributions by 15 industry professionals on everything from search engine optimization to logo design to going totally paperless, this book is undoubtedly a valuable resource for any legal professional looking to take the leap into starting up and heading their own successful practice.

This book’s organization was designed to follow the trajectory of a new firm’s inception and growth chronologically. A foreword by Robert Ambrogi, writer of the award-winning blog LawSites, reflects on the future of the legal profession as lawyering becomes an increasingly automated practice. The following chapters extrapolate on this prediction, preparing aspiring firm owners to maximize their new practices’ projected success in a world that is increasingly technology-driven.  

Starting and Growing Your Firm

The first section of the book, entitled “Starting and Growing Your Firm,” is fairly self-explanatory in a general sense, but it contains a wide array of nuanced information from successful professionals who have been there, done that. With contributions from David Bitton, Barbara Leach, Ernest Svenson, Dan Lear, and Aastha Madaan, this section outlines the most efficient and effective ways to get your firm up and running. Outlining the best practices to come up with your firm’s logo, optimize your firm’s placement in online search engine results, understand and target your potential clients, and make your practice entirely eco-friendly, these first five chapters are the ultimate do-it-yourself guide to establishing a promising practice from the onset.

Social Media, Marketing, and SEO

The book’s second section deals with sharing the most effective tips possible for marketing and publicizing your new practice. “Social Media, Marketing, and SEO” are a crucial cornerstone of successfully making your firm known and available to your potential client base–and beyond.  Gyi Tsakalakis writes a chapter on how best to construct and market your firm’s website to ascertain that the most visitors are navigating it successfully at any given time. Jason Marsh covers the basics, and then some, of carrying out an effective online marketing campaign with the assistance of such applications as MailChimp. Nicole Abboud and Mitch Jackson’s chapters will make you an expert on branding your firm and optimizing your social media presence, respectively. These are only a few of the invaluable chapters of thoughtful advice presented in this chapter. Allison C. Shields, Steve Fretzin, Andrew Cabasso, Nick Rishwain, and, of course, David Bitton’s unmissable insights into the complex world of online marketing are absolutely crucial, as well.

Law Firm Productivity and Automation

If there were ever a section where the CEO of PracticePanther is particularly invaluable, it’s certainly the third one of this book: “Law Firm Productivity and Automation.” It may seem melodramatic to suggest that David Bitton’s word should be law when it comes to maximizing productivity via automation, but it certainly stands to reason that, at the very least, the co-founder of the highest-rated practice management software company in the world knows what he’s talking about. Joined by four other professionals whose advice is equally rooted in expertise (Eddy Bermudez, Chelsey Lambert, Heidi Alexander, and Lisa Hendrickson), David outlines the must-have extensions, apps, and e-tools for lawyers seeking to make their firms as efficient as possible via automation. From Heidi Alexander’s tips on mastering Evernote to Lisa Hendrickson’s guide to anticipating speed-bumps on Outlook, this section will have your firm up and running–actually, make that soaring–faster than ever.

Protecting Your Firm

All the effort placed into constructing a successful practice in this book would be remiss if it were not followed by a section dedicated to protecting the fruits of your labor. In what is unquestionably an increasingly automated and cloud-ified world, it is no longer recommended that attorneys take extra measures to secure their online presence; it is required. Luckily, David and his expert collaborators have outlined a series of steps, and shared an array of tips, to ensure that your firm–and your clients’ data–is as invariably secure as possible at all times. Eddy Bermudez explains just why “IT-ing up” is so crucial in the modern world, and then David walks you through the best measures to take in order to do it, from avoiding a malpractice lawsuit to increase accountability and diligence via automation to avoiding billing mistakes and fee disputes by streamlining your billing and invoicing processes. Finally, Tom Labotte outlines the pros and cons of living between two computers, one at home and one at work, making recommendations about which is best for your firm’s needs.

Once You’ve Learned the Secrets

The Secrets to Marketing and Automating Your Law Practice are many, and thanks to the expertise of David Bitton and his 15 extraordinary collaborators, they are now yours to implement and capitalize on. The secrets within this book will render you an expert, seamlessly starting up, marketing, automating, and securing your law practice so that your journey mastering the cloud takes you–your firm–all the way up to Cloud 9.

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