Properly scaling a law firm requires overcoming many obstacles while maintaining a healthy business relationship with your clients. Juggling client intake meetings, handling and preparing for cases, and properly recording all case data can spread your attention thin and leave you with little time to focus on law firm marketing and developing a growth strategy. 

Having the proper mix of scalable business practices and marketing expertise is the only way to achieve sustainable growth for your law firm. If your law firm is experiencing hardships with either, then it is time to reconsider implementing new internal processes and experimenting with new marketing strategies. 

Analyze Your Law Firm Scalability and Market Presence 

Here are some of the questions you want to ask yourself to assess if your law firm is set up for success. 

Evaluating your scalability based on internal processes: 

  • Legal Billing: Do you handle your billing process manually or do you leverage cloud-based legal billing software?
  • Calendaring: Are you leveraging a web-based system that syncs case related reminders, milestones, and events with your calendar?
  • Legal Client Intake: Is your client intake captured with pen and paper or do you utilize automated intake forms?
  • Legal Document Management: Does your law firm use a paper or digital filing process? 

Measuring the impact and return of your market presence: 

  • KPI & Reports: Are you pouring money into marketing channels blindly or do you have quarterly KPIs and marketing performance reports to make informed marketing decisions for your law firm?
  • Lead Generation: Do you know which marketing channel produces the highest volume of quality leads

To position your law firm competitively in today’s market, the first step is to acknowledge the fundamental issues that are blocking your firm’s growth trajectory. If you don’t immediately know the answers to all of these questions, PracticePanther has the perfect resource for you to help you create a sustainable growth strategy for your law firm. 

Identify Your Law Firm Growth Strategy

The PracticePanther Law Firm Growth Quiz helps you to identify how effective your internal processes are and compares them to your law firm marketing strategy to place you in one of four unique growth profiles. Each profile comes with a robust action plan that will help set you on the path toward a more successful law firm. 

In just five minutes, you’ll have a better idea of where your firm sits in the legal landscape, and a detailed roadmap to help you achieve your growth goals.  

It’s not impossible to scale your business, but the first step is to understand where your law firm currently stands in the market. Take the first step in learning more about your law firm’s growth path here and get started on creating a sustainable law firm growth strategy. 

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