This week, we’re excited to feature PracticePanther member, Duana Boswell-Loechel. Duana is a Board Certified attorney and the owner of Boswell Law Firm located in downtown Houston, Texas. She has practiced law for over 16 years and specializes in probate, family law and criminal defense. 

Duana opened her own solo practice so she can provide specialized attention to her clients unique needs. Her team is dedicated to treating every client like family and helping them through delicate cases such as divorces, domestic violence, sexual assault, contested custody, probate matters and guardianships. 

The Bowsell Law Firm is passionate about uplifting their clients and giving them the tools to enhance their lives beyond the courtroom. No matter the case, Duana and her team are committed to taking the necessary steps to “provide peace in chaos.” The firm partners with local businesses and nonprofits to provide additional support to their clients.

You can catch Duana almost weekly on Facebook live where she shares information on topics ranging from estate planning, child protective services matters, common client questions, and more!

What advice would you give to young lawyers?

I would advise young lawyers to strive to find the lesson in everything.  There is always something positive that comes out of any negative situation. If you make a mistake, learn from it and become a better version of yourself.  Remember to take care of yourself first, you cannot help others if you are ill or lack energy.  Also, practicing law is not about what you get out of it but the value you provide to others that really matters.  When you provide value to others no matter what, you will achieve everything you want for yourself and have less stress in your life.

Duana is one of the tens of thousands of attorneys who trust PracticePanther to seamlessly manage their practice. She has been a valued member of the PracticePanther community since 2019 and has enjoyed the benefits our intuitive practice management software has to offer. See for yourself how PracticePanther can help you simplify your practice by scheduling a custom demo.

To learn more about the Boswell Law Firm team visit their website, here.

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