Automatic Invoice Payment Reminders, Dropbox Integration, Batch Time Entries.


Receive Payments On Time with Our new Automatic Invoice Payment Reminder. Also Store Your Legal Documents and Add Multiple Batch Time Entries with Our Latest Update!  

PracticePanther has added a new Automatic Invoice Payment Reminder, Dropbox, and a Multiple Time Batch Entry functionality to its software

North Miami Beach, FL (July 15, 2016) – is one of the fastest growing legal case management software companies around, providing legal firms, individual attorneys and paralegals alike the resources and tools they need to maintain effective communication with their clients. The software company recently announced three new features designed to improve billing and streamline data sharing, as well as reducing time spent on data entry.


PracticePanther’s new Automatic Invoice Payment Reminders allow users to get paid faster. The system automatically reminds clients that a payment is due, sending messages one week before the invoice is due, one day before the due date, and then reminders one and seven days after, assuming a payment isn’t made.


With Dropbox integration, PracticePanther is also allowing users to access their sensitive files instantly, sharing documents with everyone in their firm and automatically syncing updates with their DropBox documents.


“PracticePanther is streamlining online communication and automating processes that are otherwise time consuming,” said David Bitton, PracticePanther CEO. “We are taking common attorney-client communication and automating messages to ensure streamlined payment systems. We’re also connecting our software with popular cloud storage to ensure that sensitive data remains both secure and up-to-date.”


A new ‘batch time entries’ feature is also being released, helping attorneys and paralegals save time and work faster by adding multiple entries in one step, making data entry a less time-consuming chore and allowing firms to spend more time working with and for their clients.


The combination of these three new features makes PracticePanther’s innovative online software an even more enticing option, cutting down on wasted time, speeding up payments and streamlining office work.


PracticePanther CTO Ori Tamuz also commented that their team is ‘exceptionally proud’ of these latest developments, and that the company will ‘continue to innovate with effectiveness, efficiency and responsibility in mind’ for attorneys in all areas of law’.


Law firms and attorneys interested in learning more can visit for more information, and see how this innovative software solution seamlessly connects and integrates with your Office365 files, Google Calendar appointments and PayPal payments.



PraticePanther is an intuitive software solution designed for legal case management, giving paralegals and attorneys a wide range of features to aid communication, document management, trust accounting and billing. PracticePanther integrated with Exchange, Outlook, Quickbooks Online, LawPay, Stripe, and a multitude of other online software solutions that define a modern attorney’s workspace.

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