What is EchoSign?

EchoSign is a website that lets you get your legal documents signed electronically. It focuses on document management and signature verification. Its major features include the following: document signing, tracking and filing. The best part about EchoSign is that it supports signing from any device as opposed to using the traditional cycle of having your client print, sign, scan, or fax back (which is very tedious and time consuming). The quick pace at which things move today, makes this web-based electronic signature app so vital. It is without a doubt the best way to get documents signed in record time for your legal practice.

Why use Adobe EchoSign?

Because it simplifies the tedious process of getting legal contracts signed, as well as help you follow up with pending contracts or documents that are awaiting a signature. Imagine when things get busy and you have to keep track of hundreds of pending documents. EchoSign keeps all your documents organized in 1 easy to use back-end that is accessible to you and your other partners, paralegals, or co-workers (you can hide certain contracts from certain employees). Your legal documents are kept in order by what has been signed, when documents were signed, and lastly, by name of whom provided the signature. It’s the perfect solution to simplifying your work-space and workload all in one place!

One Account, Multiple Users!

EchoSign has won numerous awards for helping small businesses grow and it’s not hard to see why, Being able to have one account with multiple users, is fantastic for both small and large law firms. Users can share or hide their contracts from one another so privacy and confidentiality is never an issue.


All documents in EchoSign are are converted to a PDF file and instantly sent to all parties assigned to the document. Copies of the signed contracts are then saved automatically in your EchoSign account. There is no need to input information or scan a copy. Everything is done automatically and effortlessly. So, instead of bothering your customers to print, sign, and then fax or scan back a contract, they simply click a button and it’s signed and verified with their IP address, time, and email address.

Sign from any mobile device

When it comes to signing the contract, there are many options. You or the end user can type in their name, click a box, or even draw their signature (this is the recommended method for lawyers). You, as the user, will receive an email as soon as the document has been signed in order to move on to your next task! Your clients can use any mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to sign your legal documents with their finger (or by typing in their name) as shown in the picture below. When you make it so easy to get a signature back, you will notice how quickly documents get signed as opposed to the old way. Please keep in mind, they do advise getting a signature either using their finger or drawing it with their mouse as opposed to typing in their name (which you can disable in your settings).


Who has time to remember all the documents that are still pending a signature? There is no need to think with EchoSign. You can configure your account to automatically send daily or weekly reminders. Want to send a reminder at a specific time and date? You can do that too. A major perk is the ability to see when a customer has opened, viewed, or signed the contract. Next time someone tells you “I never got it”, you can check if that’s true. There is no possible way of contracts getting lost, misplaced, or forgotten. EchoSign keeps everything neatly organized in one place online.

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