How a Microsoft Outlook Add-In Maximizes the Efficiency of Law Practice Management Software

The array of resources that live in the cloud is so robust, it’s well into the realm of being overwhelming. In this chapter of the Tech Age, consumers’ primary question is not “Is there a system for this?”. Rather, it’s “what’s the easiest way to make the systems I use for this work together?” Law practice management software (the ones worth your while, at least) must always aim to provide as comprehensive an arsenal of functionalities as possible; this includes finding means by which to streamline the way it interacts with the other platforms (yes, they do exist) that are crucial to attorneys. Few systems are less replaceable than your email platform, making it crucial that your law practice management software builds bridges, not barriers, for the information you handle between both. This is precisely what PracticePanther has done with the release of its new Microsoft Outlook add-in.

PracticePanther’s Outlook Add-In Now Allows Members to:

  1. Create new contacts
    This development allows you to conflict search a client’s email in PracticePanther from your inbox, and you will be notified of whether the information already exists within your software. If nothing is found, you can create new contacts within your Outlook inbox that are directly populated into your PracticePanther account with no effort or wait time.

  2. Sync your emails to PracticePanther
    Whether you’ve just added a contact into PracticePanther from Outlook or their information has been stored in the software for a long time, this plugin allows you to sync any emails received from this client into the corresponding contact in PracticePanther.

  3. Sync your email and its attachments to a specific contact or matter
    Simply select the “Log Email” option offered by the PracticePanther plugin to directly connect any given email to a contact or matter stored in the software. Once that’s done, you can opt to have any attachments included in that email synced to the same contact or matter, as well.

  4. Create new time entries
    Simply select the “New Time Entry” button found in the add-in and fill in the related fields from your Outlook inbox just as you would in PracticePanther and save.


With PracticePanther’s new Microsoft Outlook add-in, attorneys everywhere are able to harness key PracticePanther features and functionalities from the comfort of their inbox. First and foremost, law practice management software must be accessible; otherwise, valuable time is lost. With this state of the art development, PracticePanther’s intuitive software is more available than ever to its members. To learn more about this development in a one on one demo, just click here.

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